2020 in 6 Words

Inspired by author Larry Smith’s Six-Word Memoirs project, we asked RHS students how they would describe 2020. Feelings, perspectives, thoughts, comments, memories—here are some of their responses—six words only.


Every single day was repeating itself.
Amanda Schnure

An opportunity to grow and strengthen.
Sam Cohen

Used Purell to touch Purell bottle.
Bronwyn Spencer

‘Twas a year of self growth.
Jules Maluenda

Daily screen time: off the charts
Maria Walsh

People are so stuck in ignorance.
Maya Roth

I’ve certainly produced antibodies for boredom.
Elijah Otaner

Beautiful, dark, twisted, crazy, uniting, strange.
Nick Bradbury

Started tough, but we got through.
Mia Ortega

Growth, defining, life saving and changing.
Charlotte Ran

Learn to not take for granted.
Alana Kerner

“I can’t hear you! Unmute please!”
Brandon Shintani

Unmotivated, depressed, lost, tired, worried, anxious.
Sandra Lee

A year this generation won’t forget.
Bruce Dickson

A year of waiting for 2021.
Colin Delabie

Different looks like the new normal.
Leyla G.

An experience we should learn from.
Barbara Krstelj


Logan Richman

Graphic: Logan Richman

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