Acapella Concert

On November 25th at 7:30 pm, the annual Ridgewood Highschool A Cappella concert was held at Ridgewood High School with special guest performances by Vocal Point from the University of Delaware. The four Ridgewood A Cappella groups, East 627, The Trebles, The Acabellas, and The Maroon Men, each performed two songs that night. Songs performed included “Before He Cheats” sung by The Trebles, “Fallen” sung by The Acabellas, “Hey Juliet” sung by East 627, and “Steal My Girl” sung by The Maroon Men. Vocal Point was the night’s main performers and sang a set of 7 songs. Many alumni of Ridgewood High School were also in attendance to support friends or groups that they were apart of in the past. 

 Avery Fogg (Music Director of The Acabellas) stated, “I had such a good time at the A Cappella concert. We worked so hard and really put a lot of work into morning rehearsals and then an evening rehearsal on the day of the concert. Our hard work really paid off because our final product was really good and we were really proud of ourselves.”

Matt Taddei (Member of The Maroon Men) said, “The A Cappella concert was awesome, and the boys did amazing. Both East 627 and The Maroon Men did awesomely. The Maroon Men really killed it singing “Steal My Girl” and “Listen To The Music”, and we are winning the competition this year, no cap.” The Maroon Men and The Acabellas will be competing in the ICHSA Quarterfinals on January 26th. The Acabellas placed first last year and The Maroon Men placed fourth. The concert was an overall success as the audience and singers had a joyous time!

When asked about supporting the arts at RHS, Maeve Marron (Member of The Acabellas) said, “We don’t support the arts enough at our school. You should come and support the people that don’t do sports because we work just as hard as them.”

Jason Zuckerman (Social Media Coordinator of The Maroon Men) feels that “People should come to the future A Cappella concerts because it’s really fun to watch. Everybody is really talented and works super hard. It’s worth it to go because you get to see people who are passionate about singing and love what they do.” 

Every Tuesday and Thursday the groups come in at 7 AM for 40 minute long rehearsals, and students write their own arrangements for the groups. The groups work really hard to sound beautiful and to put on the best show that they can. The next A Cappella concert is in May, make sure to come out and support these super talented groups at RHS!

Meadow Paliotta and Emma Schmalz
Staff Writers

Graphic: Chloe Cho

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