College Football Playoffs: Capping off an Incredible Season

Defying the expectations of all, a historic college football season has concluded. Although COVID-19 dominated most of 2020, college football was able to have a successful season. The season featured the first woman to ever play in a college football game when Sarah Fuller laced up for Vanderbilt as their kicker. In addition, Notre Dame pulled off an amazing upset against the number-one team, Clemson, which resulted in their fans storming the field. Alabama’s Devonta Smith was the first wide receiver to win the Heisman award since 1991. All of these moments led to the College Football Playoff, where the four best teams faced off in hopes of winning the National Championship.

Alabama, Clemson, and Ohio State were clearly the top three best teams based on their performances during the regular season. The fourth spot was debatable. Notre Dame, Texas A&M, and others were contenders for the fourth spot. Ultimately, Notre Dame took the fourth spot in the playoff although they had been defeated 34-10 to Clemson in the ACC Championship. Alabama’s head coach, Nick Saban, was seeking his seventh championship, the most championships for a coach in history. Clemson was led by quarterback Trevor Lawerence, who is the predicted number one draft pick in the 2021 NFL draft. Although, after the Ohio State game some may say he is a one-read glorified Eli Manning. Even after having a short season, Ohio State seemed to have a great all around team led by Justin Fields.  Notre Dame was backed by quarterback Ian Book and running back Kyren Williams. The four star-studded teams played on New Years Day. Notre Dame, a twenty point underdogs, lost to Alabama by seventeen points. Alabama’s defense was able to shut down quarterback Ian Book and the rest of the offense. Alabama’s Devonta Smith had a stellar game as usual. Trevor Lawrence faced off versus Justin Fields’ Buckeyes the same night. Clemson was a six point favorite against Ohio State. Quarterback Justin Fields, a census first-round pick, had arguably the best game of his career. Clemson star linebacker, James Skalski was ejected from the game due to a targeting call. Without Skalski, Clemson’s defense was picked apart by Fields and star receiver Chris Olave. Ohio State defeated the Tigers by twenty-one points.  An RHS student Charles Merrick claimed this game was, “an entertaining and surprising roller coaster of emotions.” These two games set the stage for the Championship. 

Justin Fields’ Buckeyes faced quarterback Mac Jones and the dominant Alabama offense. Ohio State’s star running back Trey Sermon was injured on the first play of the game. Additionally, the Alabama offense overpowered the Ohio State defense. Quarterback Mac Jones had nearly a perfect game against the Buckeyes. Alabama eventually ended the game with a twenty-eight point victory. After the game, Nick Saban claimed Alabama became “a better team” due to the disruptions from COVID-19.

Saban and his players had a dominant season, remaining undefeated. This was not surprising to fans of College Football. Alabama has dominated College Football for the past two decades. Their dominance will continue in years to come, because top recruits desire to be coached by Saban. Yet, some wonder with the loss of their offensive quarterback and most starters declaring for the NFL draft, will Alabama be able to dominate College Football next year?

Thomas Gluckow
Staff Writer

Graphic: Tess Cundiff

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