New Year Resolutions: A Tip

Rebekah Kim
Staff Writer

Graphic: Sunny Rhew

With New Year’s Day a month in the rearview mirror, the year 2023 has given many people hope and excitement, and have begun thinking about their plans and commitments for the year. In 2022, students and faculty members at Ridgewood High School could finally experience face-to-face interactions. Going into 2023 means retracing your life and making earnest resolutions to accomplish outside of your home. 

Some might struggle to make proper resolutions because they want to live beyond restrictions and limits after being forced to stay inside during the pandemic. Despite this excitement, it is necessary to evaluate whether or not you can fulfill that goal. Some goals individuals tend to make are to stop procrastination, or to start working out at the gym more frequently. However, many often struggle to achieve these simple goals as they can be too broad. Instead, you should consider specifically what you will do to prevent procrastination or maintain a workout plan. 

New Year’s resolutions can be pointless or purposeful depending on the goals you are aiming to achieve. To improve your resolutions, you can begin by learning from past experiences. This can help you create a feasible goal. These resolutions can be private so as to reduce the pressure to achieve all of your goals. Improving yourself and your life takes time. In the end, your actions justify whether or not your resolutions were pointless or purposeful. There may be days when you lack the motivation to work towards your goals. To combat this, you can try to organize yourself by making a list and tracking your progress. Don’t let those failed days make you feel guilty, make the best of what comes after instead.

Some believe that these goals are pointless and don’t see the need to write down a resolution. However, goals for the new year do not have to be written and can be kept private. Rather than being overwhelmed or stressed about having to accomplish something before the end of the year, going step by step and identifying what can be fixed in your life in private is more productive and will benefit you in the future. New Year’s resolutions are not school assignments that can be done overnight. They need time, dedication, and maturing to be fulfilled. 

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