RHS Instagram Accounts: What Are They?

Instagram is a place where people can express themselves freely with content that represents their likes and interests. Today, looking up “RHS” on this platform brings up results like “@rhs.badposture”, “@rhsbadparking._”, and even ones for individual students at RHS. Since these accounts have grown rapidly in followers and likes, many have questions. Where did this trend come from? How have students reacted to this new trend taking Instagram by storm? What even are these accounts?

The earliest sighting of one of these accounts was “@ridgewoodtwins” which, as the name suggests, would post pictures of twins in Ridgewood who are known and loved. With their first post being on August 5, 2021, the new anonymous account quickly grew in popularity and became a fresh subject of conversation for the student body. Later on, in the school year, other students decided to express themselves through accounts for bad posture, bad parking, and even people eating muffins. An anonymous student generously gave their inquiry on the accounts, stating “ [they] think it’s a great way for students to express their creativity on social media” and couldn’t have summed it up better. These anonymous accounts have certainly brought a new sense of creativity and expression to our school.

It’s safe to say that these accounts affect the student body positively. RHS students have shared and followed these accounts with their peers, and have made Instagram more of a bonding, accepting environment for all of our scholars at Ridgewood High School.

Kathryn Marionni

Staff Writer

Graphic: Vivian Yuan

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