Why We Need Celebration of the Arts

I stroll through the main entrance of the school on a cold, but sunny Monday morning. I talk to my friends about our weekends, upcoming tests, and homework that we have managed to procrastinate for days. I walk up the stairs and my heart drops.

“Where did they go?” I ask, stunned.

“Where did what go?”

“The display cases. And the art in them. They’ve disappeared.”

“Oh, I didn’t even realize. Who cares?” someone responded.

Well, to answer your question, student-who-shall-not-be-named, I care. As an art student, it is maddening to see how underappreciated the visual arts are at our school. While sports teams get plaques, trophies, and the praise of the school, the arts are not so fortunate. Though Ridgewood High School offers a wide variety of classes ranging from Structures to Architecture to Watercolor to AP Studio courses, the works of student artists are never met with as much enthusiasm as I believe it deserves.

Now, you might be asking, But even if I wanted to, there’s no way I could see the artwork of my peers. Sports have meets and games, but the art at Ridgewood does not have anything like that. That’s where we finally some good news. At our school, we are lucky enough to have a day dedicated to commemorating the accomplishments of our artistic classmates. The Celebration of the Arts is an annual event where students and teachers alike can view the hundreds of art pieces on display made by students including photographs, paintings, architectural plans, and more. 

Rooms around the schools are filled with the art that was made throughout the year at our school. (If you get a chance, be sure to check out the Campus Center, art studio, and the Carroll Gallery to see the drawings, graphic designs, paintings, and more made by students.) For most people, especially if you’re not particularly involved in the art scene, this event is the only time to see the art done by your classmates. Classes work towards this day every year, with art teachers organizing the displays with their students’ hard work. The art truly is outstanding, some of the pieces award-winning. The range of subject matter and media is very impressive. As I am constantly in awe of the talent that surrounds me in my art classes, I guarantee that whatever art is exhibited will be worthy of your attention.

Apart from the art exhibitions, there are also musical productions, dance performances, and musical concerts being presented throughout the school. Throughout the day entertaining events with an emphasis on improvisation will be led by teachers and students alike. With the theme of creation, you can expect to participate some new and interesting activities.

When you attend Celebration of the Arts, the masterpieces that surround you are astonishing. From sculptures to music, appreciate the ideas and talent that you’ll see around you, and maybe you’ll be inspired to create something yourself.

Evie Cullen
arts and culture editor

Graphic: Luca Richman

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