2021’s Senior Fashion Show

The senior fashion show was run similarly to how it was last year, this time at the Rockleigh Hotel in Mahwah. Of course, models wore masks and lined up for the runway in groups separated by last name while staying distanced. With these unfortunate but necessary COVID adaptations, the main difference this year was the emphasis on the model celebrating themselves. The slogan was “Celebrate You,” and models had the option to wear something from their own wardrobe. Many chose to do this, which I think was a great way for the seniors to show off their style and individuality. 

Some of the stores the models picked out clothes from this year were Anthropology, Gattinolli, Bloomingdale, LL Bean, The Suit Store, and Mary O’Reilly’s pop-up shop, Glo by Mary. All of the seniors that weren’t wearing clothing from their own wardrobe were split into groups and assigned stores, and a date to pick out clothes. I got Bloomingdales, and had an entire floor of the store to browse and pick an outfit from. From here we just took the clothes home and wore them to the Rockleigh the day of the show; it was a very smooth process. I also really enjoyed seeing so much of our grade together, which hadn’t happened for a very long time before that.

On behalf of the senior class, thank you to the staff and volunteers who made this event as great as it was, especially Gina Butler, Lisa Rigoglioso, and Mary O’Reilly. For you guys to be doing this so we can have a great graduation celebration is so generous, and we really can’t thank you enough.

Tess Cundiff
Staff Writer

Photo: Logan Richman

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