Are YOU Addicted to Bubble Tea?

Lately, bubble tea has been on the rise and making its way as a mainstream trend. Bubble tea, also known as boba, is a tea-based drink that originated in Taiwan. What makes it so distinct from other drinks are the tapioca pearls, or bubbles, that are placed at the bottom of each drink. These chewy black pearls soon became a new sensation all across Asia. Not long after, bubble tea shops on the East and West coasts started opening in the US, and Americans were quick to hop on the trend. Nowadays, it’s completely normal to see people roaming the streets, sipping their tea while chewing on the tapioca pearls. But, the real question is, can you get addicted to bubble tea?

We all have had first or second-hand experience of coffee addiction. In fact, it’s almost strange not to know any caffeine addicts, those who can’t survive a day without their daily dose of caffeine. Can the same apply for bubble tea?

The answer is, simply, yes. After the first drink, there’s almost no going back to life before bubble tea. The variety in flavor and the distinctive bubbles make us boba-crazy fans want to try every possible combination. The absence of chewing boba in our mouths drives us wild, and the sweet taste of the tea is all the more reason to go buy some bubble tea. There’s a different tea flavor for every mood and every season. Soon enough, every day becomes boba day.

Many bubble tea addicts can be found at our school. With the Village Tea Shop so close within walking distance from campus, it is extremely convenient for students to go buy bubble tea during their free periods or right after school. The shop has comfortable seating and aesthetic interior design, attracting customers everywhere. Addicts soon start to find themselves unconsciously going to The Tea Shop to do homework instead of the public library. And while they’re at it, they buy some bubble tea, of course.

The drink itself is usually made of tea, fruit, condensed milk, and tapioca pearls. This also means that the tea itself is very sweet with about 36 grams of sugar! Though it contains a dangerous amount of sugar, the sweetness and chewiness of bubble tea leave everyone feeling a sense of pleasure and happiness. Before long, it is now the best way to treat yourself after a bad day. Friends buy each other bubble tea as a way to congratulate each other or pay each other back. Bets are made to see who’ll buy the next drink. We start to find every little excuse just to have a sip of the tea.

Drink after drink, it becomes harder to turn back, and every penny is spent on buying bubble tea. It has even become a form of currency among fans. If you go to the mall and say, “Wow, this shirt is worth six bubble tea drinks,” it’s a sign that you’re most likely addicted.

So, is bubble tea addiction really a thing? This is a definite yes, and soon, we might even begin seeing more bubble tea addicts than coffee addicts!

Karis Han
staff writer

Graphic: Nicole Kye

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