Art Events, Spring 2019

Ah, winter in the mid-Atlantic! Even if you’re not steeped in seasonal depression, the persistently grey atmosphere and the bone chilling cold and ever-present slush on the sidewalks is sure to penetrate even the most stable of minds. Spring is a welcome release from the horrific depression of winter, and there’s no better way to get out into the sunshine of the season then by supporting the arts. Especially when factoring in our proximity to New York City, there is truly no excuse to stay buried under blankets in the house this spring. Embrace the fleeting opportunity to soak in some Vitamin D, and enrich yourself culturally by immersing yourself in what this area has to offer.

The Whitney is doing a thrilling retrospective on Andy Warhol. Warhol, one of the first American artists to truly capture his own cult following as a celebrity with a fully developed public persona, advanced pop art to its climax in American culture. Enjoy Warhol’s obsession with how America views celebrity, his manipulation of famous faces like that of Marilyn Monroe. His collection of art is vast and expansive, so it is absolutely worthwhile to try and get a glimpse of the magic while it is curated with such creativity and narrative.

Come support the New Player’s in their production of City of Angels this spring! City of Angels is a complex and intriguing show written by Larry Gelbart in 1989. Considering it’s a modern departure from last year’s retro fun in the New Player production of 42nd Street, this show is sure to be worthy of the trip.

Feeling a little extra, but don’t want to travel? Come to a midnight showing of Rocky Horror Picture Show in downtown Ridgewood, performed every other Saturday. The raunchy, mythic, classic musical first came to prominence with the film’s release in the 1970s, but has remained relevant ever since for its frank portrayal of sexuality and gender fluidity. Tim Curry, a wildly successful actor and musician, stars as a transvestite covering up a dark secret from a naive, unsuspecting couple. Full of fun and a bit of craziness, Rocky Horror is sure to leave (especially first time viewers) ready to come back for more.

Beginning in March 2019, the New York Botanical Garden will host its annual Cherry Blossom festival. Need I say more? The botanical garden is already a magical place perennially (no pun intended) but the presence of the rarified cherry blossoms will be sure to light up anyone’s day, even after the gloomiest of winters. Sometimes it’s truly crucial to get back to basics and to re engage with the world around you. Landscape architecture is truly one of the oldest forms of art, and should be treated with the same degree of reverence that any other art form is approached with. Not a cherry blossom person? Check out the Orchid Show that will be featured around the same time at the Botanical Gardens. While your there, don’t hesitate to check out the historic greenhouse or grab some killer Italian food in the neighboring borough of the Bronx.

Violet Maxwell
arts & culture editor

Graphic: Erin Kim (images courtesy of Woodwright Quality Wood Finishing Products, OC Celebrity Marketing,, NBC News)

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