Artist of the Month: Vivian Yuan

This month’s featured artist is Vivian Yuan, a junior at RHS. Vivian is a part of the National Art Honor Society and a graphics editor for the High Times. She typically works with acrylics, pastels, and charcoals. One of her biggest inspirations is her sister, who also does art. ” It was so cool that people were able to make these amazing things with their minds and hands,” Vivian stated. She started when she was eight, also inspired by pieces from other artists, such as Salvador Dali’s surrealist artwork. While Vivian used to be hyper focused on details and making the piece look exactly like a reference, she has grown to look more at the “big picture,” and not to pressure herself to make hyper-realistic artwork. Her focus has shifted to what she wants the art to look like, not what it looks like to others. “Above all else, my biggest support is my cat, Luna. She has been my backbone and rock, grounding me when I need her,” Vivian adds. Vivian has won multiple awards for her artwork, including Gold and Silver Keys for Scholastic’s Arts and Writing Competition. This year Vivian won 3 honorable mentions for her artwork.

Tarun Kalyanaraman
Staff Editor

Graphic: Vivian Yuan

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