Checking up on Coach Johnson

The Ridgewood Football team had a successful season, but not without facing significant challenges. One of the team’s biggest obstacles in recent games was the absence of Coach Johnson, who has had a series of medical complications related to an ankle stress fracture. Coach Johnson is an instrumental leader of the team, and many attribute their success to his coaching. Caleb Walsh, a senior offensive linemen, said, “Coach J’s gametime decisions can make the difference between a win and a loss for our team.”

The team qualified for their final game in Metlife Stadium, after a crucial win over PCTI, which took place on November 22nd. Many players have stated that they are working even harder than before to make Coach Johnson proud, as they know he is watching and rooting for his athletes. “We did it for Coach J,” Gabe Santiago asserted, speaking on behalf of his own experience and that of the rest of the team.

P.J. McKenna
staff writer

Graphic: Nicole Kye

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