Coffee Column: Kuppi Coffee Company

My name is Kathryn Kearney, and I would like to consider myself a coffee enthusiast. Chai is great too, but most people need that caffeine-fix to start their day, myself included. My Aunt Laura, who is quite possibly the most interesting and cultured person I know, exposed me to the art of coffee when I was twelve. From then on, it was R.I.P. to my love for apple juice and Capri Suns. Late on a Saturday night, after venturing across Midtown, my life was forever changed at a Dean & Deluca in Manhattan. Seriously. Forever changed. I would have so much more money if I had not been exposed to coffee. But since that night, my love for coffee has only grown.

At every coffee shop I have ever been to, I have never failed to encounter intriguing people and hard workers. I also find that I get much more work done at coffee shops than I do at home. It is probably the placebo effect, similar to when everyone thought that Power Balance bracelets really improved the quality of one’s balancing skills. The bottom line is that the atmosphere of coffee shops help me focus and get work done.

Over the past year, I have come across a variety of different coffee shops – big, small, busy, empty, cluttered, neat – and I have enjoyed my time at all of them. I have decided that it is time to start sharing my love of coffee shops with others, and the High Times is just the place to start.

This month’s coffee shop is Kuppi Coffee Company in Edgewater, NJ. Now, I can already hear all of you saying that Edgewater is way too far, but let me assure you, the journey 110 percent worth it. The moment you walk into the building, you are greeted by stunning light fixtures, some baristas with funky hair (i.e. an afro and dreadlocks), and a wall of exposed brick with royal blue, matte sofas against it. Their menu is not overwhelming with too many choices; they offer some delicious sandwiches and a few different drinks including chai, cappuccinos, mochas. They are the typical drinks one would expect at a coffee shop, but every single item is delicious. So delicious that it is hard to make a decision, especially between the iced chai that comes in a mason jar (can this place get any cooler?), and the cappuccino that comes with cool latte art on it (always great for the Instagram).

After finally making a decision, customers can enjoy their drinks by the open windows that overlook the stunning city skyline. There is plenty of seating to enjoy the magnificent view while enjoying chai out of a mason jar. If you want to finish up some school work, Kuppi offers these large, communal tables with a great deal of space to spread out your stuff, plug your laptop in, and get to work.

Every time I go to Kuppi, I always have a lovely time. Great coffee, tea, and food with a view in an extremely aesthetically pleasing place. It cannot get much better than that. Plus, the cold drinks come in mason jars. In all seriousness, if you ever get the chance to venture out to Edgewater, Kuppi is an absolute must. Not only does it have awesome drinks and snacks, but it is also a cool atmosphere. Whether you want to get work done, hang out with friends, or simply just snag an Instagram photo, Kuppi Coffee Company is the place to go. fd

Kathryn Kearney
staff writer

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