FOCUS: In Need of a Fix?

Freshman, Sophomore, and Senior FOCUS are programs implemented by Ridgewood High School to help students in various aspects of their academic career. For example, Freshman FOCUS was created to help freshmen adjust to their first year of high school and make them feel at ease in a new learning environment. On the other hand, Sophomore FOCUS was established to help sophomores discover ways to discover their future career paths. Lastly, Senior FOCUS was created to assist seniors in their transition to their next step in life after highschool. 

All students in RHS experience these different programs during their highschool years. However, despite the fact that these courses were designed to offer a helping hand, most students regard the programs in a more negative light. 

When asking freshmen about their thoughts, most freshmen seem to consider the program as unnecessary. Joyce Park, a freshman at Ridgewood High school, comments, “There’s literally no point in [Freshman FOCUS], all I do is sit there seeing people and then leave. It’s not a really helpful class or anything.” Another freshman, Nathan Han, shares a similar opinion. He states, “For me, [Freshman FOCUS] is unnecessary. Like I already know whatever they want me to know.”

This attitude is also seen even with the upperclassmen. Lydia Han, a senior, remarks “They should not be telling us that stuff senior year, it’s too late at that point.” 

Sophomores have not yet had Sophomore FOCUS yet, but based on the opinions of other grades, most sophomores will most likely find sophomore FOCUS far from useful.

Braden Kim
Staff Writer

Graphic: Jiah Lee

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