Game Film: What is it?

In today’s modern era, the increased use of technology in high schools is growing rapidly. As of recently, technology has stemmed far from the classroom and onto the sports field. Many high school sports teams are opting to go the extra mile and use the resources they have to film their games.

Although film study in professional and collegiate sports has been around for over fifty years, it is getting easier and easier for high school level sports to record and share film. Coaches can easily send out film to their players who can then review the footage. This exchange happens almost instantly, whereas just ten years ago this would have been a much slower process.

Game-film serves to show what does and does not work. Teams can view what went well and focus on building onto those aspects in the future. If a specific play is unsuccessful, the coaches and players can watch footage and determine the root   cause. Then, they can make effective changes to improve upon that play.

Game film can also benefit players individually, in addition to the team as a whole. If a player is struggling with a certain part of their game, they can review the film to see what they are doing wrong, and then the coach can help them to fix their mistake. Ultimately, seeing things from a different perspective rather than in the moment gives players the chance to observe things they might not have noticed otherwise.

Teams can also review their opponent’s game films to see how they play to prepare them for future matches. This can provide insight on a range of topics from what play they ran, to what pitches they threw, or even how they set up their defense. Teams can also see who their opponent’s best players are and any recurring habits their rival has, so the coaches can strategize to counter the problems their team might encounter.

While game footage definitely helps teams in the moment, it can also help athletes secure a playing position in the future. Highlight reels have become very common tool for those looking to play at the next level in college. Dedicated players typically compile videos featuring their highlights, which they then upload onto recruiting websites. Then, coaches can view how the athlete performs in a game setting, something extremely valuable considering many coaches are not able to attend sporting events in person.

Overall, game-film serves as a necessary reflection that helps with communication, an essential part of any team sport, between the coaches and the players. It also provides players with the opportunity to identify the team’s and their own personal strengths and weaknesses. Once each player has recognized their role and what they can improve on, the team becomes very hard to defeat.

Claire Sullivan
staff writer

Graphic: Luca Richman

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