How Friends and Family Can Celebrate the Holidays Safely This Year

As the holidays roll around, it is more important than ever to be cautious of pandemic protocol, even though being cautious is challenging for many. The CDC offers alternative ways for friends have family to gather this year. One option is celebrating virtually with friends. Families can also celebrate the holidays within their household. The CDC has guidelines for gatherings this year. When attending a gathering, it is important to follow the “CDC Considerations for Events and Gathers.” Gatherings can be an important aspect of holiday season traditions for many families, and thankfully, it is still possible to host them safely. A suitable way to gather could be to set up a large tent where people can stay six feet apart while still under a shelter. The CDC does not recommend traveling or having in-home gatherings for the holidays. The CDC had recommended against traveling for Thanksgiving, which was ignored by many citizens. 

It is said that COVID-19 cases will have escalated after Thanksgiving due to  frequent close-quarters interactions. Healthcare workers are worried that with the international holiday seasons, cases will skyrocket worldwide as people travel and celebrate. There were nearly 4.6 million airline passengers between Nov. 25 and Nov. 29 in the United States according to the Associated Press. Airports should be prepared for the upcoming holiday season, spacing out boarding gates so that passengers can stay socially distanced. 

People are going to want to see friends and family this year more than ever despite the risks present. The physical separation that the coronavirus pandemic has prompted can be as physiologically dangerous as the exposure to the coronavirus itself. However, it is crucial this year to stay home, or at the very least, to be as safe as possible with others.

Melike Yesil
Staff Writer 

Graphic: Sunny Rhew

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