How History Influences Fashion

Do you remember a long time ago growing up when your parents used to dress you? They used to squeeze you into colorful turtlenecks matched with a pair of denim overalls. Looking back on these outfits now, you’re probably thinking, “Ew, how on Earth could you dress me like that! I would never in a million years choose to wear those heinous clothes.” However, if you look around now, you’ll see that some of these outfits from the ’90’s, including those heinous clothes you wore growing up, are making a substantial comeback in the fashion industry.

Now, girls strut the halls with denim skirts, bomber jackets pulled over their shoulders, and a pair of converse tied to their feet. Some can be seen strolling the streets with t-shirts under slip dresses and chokers hooked around their necks. These styles have also made an appearance in runway shows. In Oscar de la Renta’s Fall-Winter 2017 show, for instance, models wore sparkly and twisty chokers wrapped around their necks. These chokers seem to be an ode to the popular statements of the ’90s, when celebrities including Gwyneth Paltrow and Britney Spears graced the red carpets with these trends.

Platform shoes also seem to be in vogue this year, featured in the runway in shows such as Balenciaga’s Spring-Summer 2018 show, which displayed platform crocs. Growing up, I wore crocs because they were colorful and super comfy for my feet. Also, who doesn’t love picking out the playful jibbitz that you can attach to your crocs? Soon after, we were told that crocs were “ugly” and “unfashionable.” But now, crocs are making a comeback not only on the runway, but in the hallways of RHS. Whether they are worn to keep your feet cozy or just used for a silly statement, they are now in style.

Shoes and jewelry aside, trends may take the form of something that seems insignificant, such as with the scrunchie. Scrunchies have made one of the oldest and most popular fashion comeback. They have been around for as long as we can remember, and they are now back in style. I’m sure your mothers grew up wearing them in their hair and around their wrists; now, you probably are too. I know I am. They are super snug in your hair (they don’t rip it out like regular ponytails) and they come in a variety of different fabrics, from chiffon to velvet to a stretchy knit. I would not pass up the opportunity to wear a piece that is so comfy yet stylish.

Past trends hold much influence on what’s popular today; a lot of the looks I wear today come from styles that were seen on people from the ’90s and early ’00s. I find myself wearing chokers, scrunchies, denim skirts, statement T’s, converse shoes, and more. The past of fashion has no doubt influenced what is now being seen on the streets and runways shows. It will only continue to do so in the future. But will they stay for good, or once again switch out of style? What other styles of the past could we be seeing in the future?

Megan Schwenker
staff writer

Graphics: Amelia Chen

1 thought on “How History Influences Fashion

  1. This article strictly takes a focus on female fashion trends, although male fashion is also making a comeback, maybe even more so.

    Case in point: Champion – making a comeback from the halls of walmart and sears, to the streets and hallways of ridgewood and ridgewood high

    Other brands like adidas, and nike are also capitalizing on the upward trend, while timeless classics like Timbs stay in fashion and in the hallways of ridgewood forever.

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