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Late night talk shows serve a multitude of purposes: whether to deliver late night news, give an overview of the week, or simply entertain with comedic sketches and interviews. Usually airing at 11:30 at night, late night talk shows are broadcast to  people nationwide.

For Americans with strict schedules and very little free time during the day, late night talk shows are appreciated immensely. Throughout the week, a variety of talk shows like NBC’s The Tonight Show, Comedy Central’s The Daily Show, and HBO’s Last Week Tonight with John Oliver air in the late evening.  These talk shows are popular among people of many different demographics, and offer necessary information at a convenient time.

The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon has been around since 1954, although it has changed hosts a few times since first airing. For decades, The Tonight Show has pleased audiences across the nation. Its late night news incorporates politics, pop culture, and a variety of other subjects in an approach that is amusing to its viewers. Jimmy Fallon is admired and praised by critics everywhere for presenting news humorously and inviting popular celebrities and musicians. Fallon’s talk show has gained widespread popularity due to his universally appealing comedic style   

Arsenio Hall, who was the host of the beloved, 1990s eponymous program The Arsenio Hall Show, is notorious for his controversial comedic style. By emphasizing African-American stereotypes, Arsenio Hall broke down social barriers in an entertaining fashion that got straight to the point. For many years, Arsenio Hall has satisfied American citizens with his whimsical behavior, but at the same time helped promote equality and peace through his polemical humor.

Although her show no longer airs on television, talk show host Chelsea Handler is well remembered for her ludicrous vocabulary, intelligent opinions, and raunchy jokes. Her late night talk show Chelsea Lately  was a fan favorite and adored by thousands, airing from 2007 to 2014 on E! network. One factor that sets Handler’s work above the rest is that she dominates a field mainly occupied by men. Handler brings a feminine standpoint to pop culture, politics, and breaking news, which is something most other talk show hosts cannot contribute.

For those who are especially busy and do not even have enough time to watch the late shows, James Corden  provides the same entertaining news and guests as other popular late night hosts, even later than the late shows. The Late Late Show with James Corden, which runs at 12:37 am to 11:37 pm weeknights on CBS, is perfect for when you are burning the midnight oil and may need a small, fun break. James Corden, with his baby face and charming British accent, brings a new dimension to late night television with his witty humor and refreshing perspective of an Englishman living in the United States, much like fellow Brit John Oliver on HBO. While Oliver focuses specifically on news and current events of each week, Corden keeps the atmosphere lighter with lively pop culture segments.

Overall, late night talk shows are fundamental to the developing world we live in today. They are universally recognized as important programs that accommodate people with busy day schedules. They offer an additional way to receive the news that is not bland or uninteresting, but is humorous and fascinating. In the unconventional and changing society we have today, late night talk shows are essential to the average American.  

Zachary Wodenshek
staff writer

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