Marveling at Superheroes Movies

Superheroes have flown the skies in the minds of children and adults for decades. The idea of Superman flying to the sun, Spiderman swinging between skyscrapers, or Batman hiding in the night has captivated a large audience, but a recent rise in the appearance of superheroes in films have rendered them more than just popular. Superheroes have now created their own subculture in today’s world of entertainment, dominating the movie industry. These movies contain insightful meanings that these cinematic figures represent that mean so much more than what is seen at first glimpse.

The entire idea of superheroes was born out of an individual desire for the supernatural and a hope for the good in humanity. With the rise of superhero films, children are not only seeing the impossible be possible, but also they are seeing people in terrible conditions in life fighting an evil. Moreover, audiences are idolizing these characters, making them symbols of good morality, positivity, and justice.

Superheroes suggest that being a noble person is not simply about being physically strong or defeating the villains, but also about having a moral compass that allows for resilience, selflessness, and standing up for oneself. As many of these movies target audiences of a young age group, a message encouraging strong integrity and moral code is crucial for today’s youth.

Not only do children take these good morals and beliefs from these superheroes, but they are also prone to wanting to be like them. Many children, from a young age, desire to look up to someone or be like someone. While this person may typically be an older family figure, some children, who may not have the most admirable familial examples, may turn to superheroes in high regard. When many are not yet at an age who know who exactly they want to be, they find an example that represents all the attributes they commend and desire in themselves. In these circumstances, superheroes become something more than a character in an hour-long movie, but a childhood dream that would continue to build a child’s character throughout their life.

The symbol of hope and power that these characters represent in today’s society also means a lot more to some than others. Superheroes give people a calming faith that there could be someone out there willing to help them. This notion comes from an innermost desire to be comforted and aided in times of need. They are also an inspiration to protect and assist others. While some want to be protected, others want to protect.

Superheroes also encourage imagination and creativity for all its audiences. In movies, the audience sees the supernatural come to life in a real life setting. As opposed to the two-dimensional experience of reading superhero comic books, watching superheroes on the big screen connects the fictional world and the real world. In a universe where anything can be made possible, superhero movies inspire young minds to think in a different perspective, especially when dealing with real-life problems.

A great many people dismiss the notion of superheroes and its popularity in theaters, denoting it as childish, unnecessary, and violent, but perhaps there is another side of the story that should be accounted for. These “immature” movies have a large impact on our youth, shaping and crafting a better human being out of each individual. These fictional characters represent a good in humanity that inspires children around the world to be a better version of themselves. These fictional heroes create a world of possibilities and opportunities for its audience unlike any other idolizing figure.

Janus Kwong
staff writer

Graphic: Taylor Donovan

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