Prince Philip: His Legacy as a Member of the Royal Family

As most of us have heard, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, passed away on April 19 this year. His passing was a shock to many, as he was ninety-nine years old. However, it may have not come as a surprise to others- after all, the prince was hospitalized multiple times before his imminent death. A student at RHS chuckles, “it was truly interesting how the queen has outlived her husband” and is “curious to see what will happen going forward for the Royal Family.” Other students think the prince’s passing will make way for “some younger opinions in the castle.” 

Although Prince Philip was well-loved, his commentary on certain situations hurt his image in the eyes of many. A student at RHS contemplates, “it’s really hard to judge someone’s viewpoint and intentions when they are a century old. While his opinions may be conservative and controversial today, he was raised in the earlier part of the 20th century, when racism and sexism were, unfortunately, a part of life.” Nonetheless, she agrees that “these opinions are wrong in this day and age.” While he was not favored by many due to his lack of open-mindedness, others have no problem with the prince and think he will be remembered for his work in England (especially his service in the royal navy from a young age). 

There seems to be a mix of opinions at RHS regarding the Royal Family. Some students don’t have much of an opinion on the Royal Family in general because it doesn’t involve them; however, others don’t care for the Royal Family because they see the royals as any other celebrity family. A student asserts that “they are really just British Kardashians, only with a better sense of style.” 

Melike Yesil
staff writer

Graphic: Vivian Yuan

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