Brian Rose makes his election speech.

Student Government Election Results

On Thursday April 30, all Ridgewood High School underclassmen gathered in Gym 1 to hear the speeches of their future student council delegates. The speeches made on Thursday were for school officer positions, meaning that those elected will become not only the representatives of the senior class, but of the entire school. With nearly 500 of their peers watching, eleven brave students decided to take a risk and run for elections.

As with most years, the speeches featured a variety of approaches. From those who spoke more about policy to those who appealed to their peers through humor, all candidates proposed interesting ideas for RHS in the 2015-2016 school year.

Congratulations to the new RHS Student Congress!

President: Brian Rose

Vice President: Kyle Inlander

Secretary: Katie Bourque

Treasurer: Jack Hadfield

Brian Rose’s Election Speech

Elizabeth O’Keefe
news editor

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