RGS Has a Strong Start to the Season

Josie Maasarani

The Ridgewood Girls Soccer program has been a great experience for athletes at every level of soccer.  The freshman, JV, and varsity teams have all formed close bonds throughout the preseason and season by working together and supporting each other in practice. All three levels have improved tremendously and they continue to look forward to success.

The Freshmen girls team started off the season very competitively. The team has won 6 games, they have no losses, and they tied one game. The tie game was played against one of the girls’ biggest rivals, Northern Highlands. The freshmen have a few more challenging weeks ahead on their schedule, including games against IHA and Ramapo.  They hope to keep their undefeated record. Freshman, Zoe Warne, explains how the girls have been able to play well: “The season has been great for us so far. We work amazingly as a team since we are so determined.  We keep possession of the ball by executing our passes up the field, that is what keeps us undefeated!” This focus on possession, keeping the ball away from the other teams and connecting sharp passes to each other, has been a key component of this team’s success.  Overall, the girls freshman team is playing well and looks forward to a fun rest of the season.

Like the freshman team, the JV team is having an excellent year so far.  The JV team has not lost a single game, winning or tying all of them.  The juniors and sophomores have created a successful group that works well together and outplays many other teams. Sophomore, Gabriella Tretola, explains how their season has gone thus far: “So far, we have had a really strong season!  We are undefeated with three ties. Our strongest competition has been Indian Hills which ended up being a 1-1 tie. We are hoping to finish the season without a loss!” Last but not least, the Varsity Girls Soccer team is a dynamic one. Team members include a mix of sophomores, juniors, and seniors, and each one of them brings a particular talent to the team.  Varsity won 5 games, lost 3, and tied 2. The varsity girls have motivated the two younger levels and have given them a team to look up to. They have had a strong season so far, and continue to play and bring their best game.

In addition to all of the on-field success, the girls’ soccer teams have participated in numerous fundraising and charity events, raising money for multiple charities on Super Soccer Saturday. On this day, the team ended up raising over 13,000 dollars for many important causes. The teams also hosted a carwash which was a fun and efficient way to raise money for the program. In addition, each level played and trained with the RSA special needs team.  Through this, they helped the kids enjoy soccer while learning too. The teams also hosted a Columbus Day Clinic, teaching and playing with elementary and middle school players. The girls do not only play soccer—but they also help others and fundraise, forming close bonds in the process.

All three levels of Ridgewood Girls Soccer have had outstanding seasons so far. The girls have all formed bonds that will last, and have learned how to work together. Each team has improved greatly this season and will look back on a great experience.

Grace Gluckow
staff writer

Graphics: Sofia Lee

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