RHS Hits the Slopes this Winter

The lack of snow this winter season did not stop the enthusiasm and growing membership of the Ridgewood Ski and Snowboard Club this year. Former club members were excited to see new faces on the slopes after receiving many sign-ups at the club fair back in September. As months passed and ski season inched closer, anticipation rose. Unfortunately, the first two trips were canceled due to a lack of snowfall in the early weeks of January. This only built up the eagerness to attend the first trip of the season. Once January 19 finally arrived, excited participants were prepared with their skis and boards to embark on a trip to Mountain Creek for the first trip of 2016. As club members loaded the bus, chatter ensued about memories from previous trips and talk about what this next journey would hold.

The ski club usually departs from the high school on a charter bus around 3:45 P.M., commencing the hour long trip to Mountain Creek in Vernon, New Jersey. This year, senior Anya Sherman remarked, “I have never seen the bus this packed before!” In fact, with over 85 signups, the large charter bus was easily filled with many adventure-seeking students.

The second trip was as fun as the first, particularly memorable because the group arrived over two hours earlier than normal due to the altered midterm schedule. An extra hour of sun on the slopes was unusual for these night-goers. Typically, club members ski in the dark and get to experience the nearly empty trails and vacant lift lines. There are a number of trails that include terrain park jumps – some harder than others – that present a challenge to the more adventurous and experienced ski club members.

The vast amount of trails are spread across two mountains known as “North/Vernon” and “South” base. In order to get over to the South Mountain, skiers and boarders have to trek over a long flat trail that is often tiresome. However, most can agree with senior Vera Mudry, who comments, “It is worth it, there are many other trails on that side of the mountain and I love the lodge.”

Senior Dylan Fishbein agreed with his peer and went on to say, “I am going to miss getting real relaxed on the slopes.”

Another senior, Jack Hadfield, appreciates the relationships he has formed throughout his participation in the club. He recounts, “It’s a blast and is always a fun time skiing down the slopes with your best pals.”

The rest of the trips carried on with full buses each time, demonstrating a clear love for and dedication towards the club. During the final outing of the season, snow arrived just in time for members of the club to get one last hurrah on the powdery slopes.

When asked about their last season in the club, co-president Sara Schmidt remarked with excitement, “We had a great run, lots of memories to cherish. If we could offer any piece of advice to underclassmen it would be to join ski club!” Clearly, the level of enthusiasm for this extracurricular activity is high. Members are always seeking to recruit new faces for the following season to share their passion on the slopes.

Jessi Schlicht and Sara Schmidt
staff writers

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