Jessica Chang

Public Figures Deserve What They Have Worked For

Jessica Chang
Jessica Chang

We live in a society where an athlete’s tweet makes magazine headlines the next day, a politician’s private life starts feuds, or the shirt that a celebrity wore becomes the next trend. Public figures play a large role in all of our lives and it is impossible to prevent the influence they have on us. Celebrities, politicians, entertainers, and athletes should not be seen as a category of people, but as individuals that have worked hard for their success in life and are willing to make a difference. They deserve credit for their accomplishments, but not in a sense that heralds them equal to gods.

Public figures are always being photographed or interviewed, so it is not hard to know of their opinion on certain topics or of any sort of action they take. The technology of today has made that much easier and due to this easy access, kids and teens are influenced the most by public figures. For instance, at the 2015 Oscars, Zendaya was criticized for the beautiful dreadlocks she proudly wore. Following a racist comment about them made by another celebrity, Zendaya stood up for herself, defending the hairstyle she and her family has been embracing for years. This taught many teens, people of all ages, and myself, a new perspective on stereotypes but also lesson in standing up for oneself. All such things can serve as inspirations for kids and adults alike. Public incidents like Zendaya’s can be used as a way to show that they too, can achieve things, get their opinions out there, and that they can dream and succeed. Listening to your favorite singer, watching your favorite football player, dancing like your favorite dancer can serve as hope and inspiration. It never hurts to dream and work for what you want, knowing that you have a role model who exemplify that dream and succeeded.  

Most famous people are born with their special talents. Some may be born with little or no talent, but it is really their effort that counts in the end. Fame and success doesn’t fall from the sky – we all have to work for it. Public figures who are known for something did not just wake up and become famous or made a difference in the world. It definitely takes a lot of time, stress, and effort to get to the place they are now. But because of the public attraction they get, it is common to be judged harshly on the internet or social media over the tiniest of things. Recently, Gigi Hadid, a famous model, had stated how hate does not bring her down and how much she loves her body and that her career is still a working progress. Gigi is one of the thousands of public figures that gets judged and criticized. In a time when we should all respect and be amazed by the paths these talented people travel, many of us decide to make disrespectful comments, videos, pictures just because of, say for example, an opinion a businessman has on gay rights or even because of the way a TV personality talks. What these public figures do and the way they live may look easy, and it may actually be a dream life we want. But in reality, every one of them has a story behind their career, their stunning pictures on Instagram or a happy tweet on Twitter. No one should shame public figures for what they do, but instead appreciate them for all their hard work and effort.

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