Softball Wraps Up an Unforgettable Season

Ridgewood softball’s season is unfortunately coming to a close, but it has been a successful season to say the least. The triumphant Maroons ended with an overall record of 21-4 and an intimidating league record of 8-2. As a result of their sheer determination, the team is currently ranked fourth in the County Poll and stand atop of the Big North Freedom Division. During their home opener on April 1, the team swept Ramapo 5-1, with the help of the team’s two senior captains, Rachel Pizzuti and Kali Wolfer. In a winning streak, the girls won again the next day against Glen Rock with a final score of 8-0. Continuing this ruthless streak, the team beat Paramus in a sweep, 10-0 and exhausted Hackensack with a matching 10-0 final score. However, the Maroons fell through during their game against Northern Highlands on April 8 and lost 1-2. But sure enough, the team resumed their winning streak, beating 10 more teams consecutively before battling Northern Highlands again. To prove the team’s notoriety, the girls won against Tenafly (9-0) and Indian Hills (4-2).

Playing the Indians was a big day for the Ridgewood team. When the Indians arrived at Vets Field that afternoon, the Maroons were quickly reminded of the battle ahead of them. Both teams fought hard for the win, as Indian Hills struggled to continue their 44-game winning streak. However, the Maroons pulled through and smoked the Indians 4-2. After this win, the Maroons were ecstatic and hoped that they would succeed in both Counties and States later in the season.

They continued the streak by beating Teaneck (10-0), Midland Park (5-0), Holy Angels (4-0), Ramapo (13-0), Fair Lawn (15-1), Paramus (7-1), West Essex (1-0), and Hackensack (7-1). After going almost an entire month without a single loss, the Maroons suffered a defeat by Northern Highlands once again, with a tough score of 0-5. Fortunately, the team recuperated after their loss and beat Hackensack and Indian Hills for the second time, as well as Glen Rock with a score of 9-2. The next game was a battle, when they played Demarest on May 11. Demarest has been a consistent rival of Ridgewood’s, which the scoreboard represented throughout the close game that resulted in a loss (3-5). Following this loss, they defeated Pascack Valley (2-0), then beat Paramus Catholic 2-0, and Clifton 10-0. The Ridgewood team then faced Demarest again on May 15, their first county game. The stakes were high, but Demarest beat Ridgewood in a close game of 2-1. But, the team is not going to be upset for long. “Honestly, losing to Demarest just lets us get even more pumped to win States,” junior Julia Suh explains. State games are going to happen later in May, and will continue into June if successful.

In addition to winning a majority of their games, the softball girls also appreciate camaraderie and team morale. Since senior day was last week, the team celebrated the successes of the three seniors, Rachel Pizzuti, Kali Wolfer, and Tatiana Whalen. Although they lost to Demarest in a close game, this loss did not take away an ounce of the girls’ spirit. In fact, one of the three seniors, Kali Wolfer will be continuing her softball career at Franklin and Marshall in the spring next year.

Though the Ridgewood team was beat twice by two teams, Northern Highlands (1-2, 0-5) and Demarest (3-5, 1-2), the Maroons overall had a very successful season. In each of their various triumphs, they have defeated six teams by over ten runs, some more than once. Also, they have played over ten teams without allowing them to score a single run throughout the game. Even though the Maroons are out of Counties because of the loss against Demarest, they still have the opportunity to compete in States. Come out and support the Ridgewood softball team as they play Morristown on May 20!

Jessi Schlicht
Staff Writer

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