Spring Fashion Trends

After a long, gloomy, and stressful winter, it’s finally time to welcome back spring. For some, it will be a dreadful allergy season, but we can all look forward to the beautiful weather and the end of the school year festivities. It’s the final stretch until summer, so let’s reach our goals in style! 

This spring, fashion is taking a more minimalist approach. Expect to see a more muted color palette on the streets and in stores. Just as they were in the fall, trends will be inspired by the 80s and 90s. 

The first trend to look out for is, as previously mentioned, minimalism. Basic silhouettes and classic styles will be everywhere this season. As the fashion industry continues to progress towards sustainability, minimalism will popularize as it is timeless and will likely get the most use in our closets, minimizing waste. Basic tee shirts, a-line dresses, white sneakers, classic combat boots, and trench coats will never go out of style. These pieces will be elevated by incorporating some of the more recent trends. 

Next, we have the utilitarian style. Look out for trucker jackets, boiler jumpsuits, cargo pants, chain detailing, and chunky shoes. Inspired heavily by military uniforms, the utilitarian trend exploded in the 90s. Opposed to the grunge approach we took back then, expect to see utilitarian styles in muted colors and styled with more feminine pieces. I personally love to style cargo pants with combat boots and a blouse for an androgynous effect. 

As summer and freedom reaches closer, kick back in slouchy flared pants. These were also huge in the 90s, though stay clear of the extremely oversized Jncos in 2020. A wide-legged trouser is definitely one of my favorite trends as they are so comfortable and can truly elevate a simple outfit. I haven’t even looked at my skinny jeans in months. Slouchy flares are perfect for everyday wear or even going out. You can find them in jeans, cargo pants, pleated pants, and chinos. Style them with a tighter crop top to give them a more put-together look or with a baggy band tee for an edgier aesthetic. 

Business casual has been creeping its way from the runway to retailers for multiple seasons now but it is officially here. Blazers will be your new best friend. Style them with a feminine dress for a more tom-boy look, a tee and jeans for a casual-but-cool appearance, or if you’re feeling adventurous, go for a full suit look with a blazer and chinos. 

Now, when it comes to jewelry, forget minimalism. The best way to look trendy is to wear an extremely simple outfit, but accessorizing to the max. Chain necklaces are timeless and are so versatile. Hoops will continue to stay on trend and aren’t going anywhere for awhile. If you have multiple ear piercings, try layering hoops. Another huge jewelry trend is pearls. These are also timeless staples that should be a part of everyone’s wardrobes. Try mixing and matching both hoops and pearls together to elevate your basic tee and baggy jeans. 

This spring season, make sure to invest in good quality basics and diversify your accessories and remember to never stop experimenting with your wardrobe! 

Anna Ostrowe
Staff Writer

Graphic: Jiah Lee

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