Spring Music Roundup

The weather is getting warmer, the birds are chirping– with that, it’s time to liven up your playlists to suit the mood in the air! Below are four picks that are bound to transition you into the first beautiful moments of spring 2019. Happy listening!


If you’re looking for shameless, danceable fun that glows with messages of self-acceptance, consider Lizzo’s leading single off her new record, “Juice”. The track, most recently performed on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, is a sparkly R&B hit that calls back to disco in its bouncy rhythms and catchy melody. Lizzo, an independent artist reminiscent of Beyonce with the obvious creative control of a more alternative musician, rose to prominence in her home state of Texas before getting critical acclaim for her 2016 hit, “Good as Hell” which was featured on RuPaul’s Drag Race. “Juice” doesn’t fail to deliver the same infectious vibes that made her last single so successful, with lyrics like “I’m like chardonnay/get better over time” that flaunt Lizzo’s comfortable self-confidence.

Ariana Grande

I dare you to compile a list of music for the spring of 2019 without name-dropping Ariana Grande. The pop star has quickly become a household name, most recently releasing her second album of the last six months, entitled “thank u, next”. However, the most deserving of attention lies within her cheeky, slickly produced “break up with your girlfriend, i’m bored” .  The track follows Grande as she maneuvers a party, following an attractive stranger who she implores with to leave his significant other. The song is the closing track on a confrontational, break up album, providing levity and fun to an album that frequently drifts into more tangible emotional depth. It shows Grande’s ability to toggle between casual exploration of her sexuality and deeper ruminations on her life and the state of her relationships, a quality that contributes immensely to the longevity her career has had.


The Chicago based artist Noname who released her sophomore album this fall titled Room 25 released a single with artist Phoelix at the start of this year. Noname’s music breaks boundaries, her poetic rapping style is unheard off. She steers away from the flashy lifestyle that many artists today dream of. Her music has both spiritual and political themes, and her newest release embodies both. The song, like much of her music, is remnant of soul and gospel music with smooth vocals and harmonies. Her lyrics are a reaction to the political climate in the United States at this time and the struggles this generation faces as they come of age. She brings to light issues such as black representation in the media by mentioning in the song Atlanta the groundbreaking show created by Donald Glover. This cultural mention is both significant and speaks to Noname’s larger emphasis on race and culture.

Billie Eilish

The 17 year old artist Billie Eilish blew up after her song Ocean Eyes went viral in 2016. She has since released numerous singles as well as a full length album. The teen’s latest song has a dark tone, a juxtaposition from her sweet sounding voice. Billie has become popular in the rising rap scene of SoundCloud, and while her music is not rap, it is stylistically similar. Her song “Bury a Friend” captures the discordant, chaotic nature of her sound, and is an excellent starting point for anyone looking to dive deeper into the complex and ambiguous aesthetic that Eilish boasts

Violet Maxwell
arts & culture editor

Cate Harkins
staff writer

Graphic: Sofia Lee

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