Students React to 2018 Schedule

Due to the large increase of incoming students in the 2018-2019 school year, the Ridgewood Board of Education has proposed a new schedule for next year. Instead of six 60 minute periods in a day, the updated schedule will consist of four 50 minute periods and two 80 minute periods sandwiching lunch; this helps to accommodate for the surplus. Classes would still rotate allowing for an 80 minute block of each class once or twice per week.

The new schedule will also get rid of double lab periods by making labs during the 80 minute block that extend into lunch. Students upset by this infringement into lunch are someone placated by the fact that all students get a black free next year. This means that students will have a free 3 out of 4 days and will have an 80 minute free on one type of day.

This idea has generated a variety of thoughts and opinions among all students, specifically athletes. Although the school day does not become any longer time wise, it is still a concern for many.

Soccer player Mia Douaihy brings up an interesting point in saying “80 minute classes could be overwhelming; it might not be the best approach to the situation for the sake of the students. There also will not be enough time for labs that need to be done in science classes.”

“More class time could lead to more homework or information to study,” freshman student Ishika Arora states. “I’m always super occupied during the school year, so this could cause problems for me.”

Volleyball player and member of the crew team, Lauren Sudol adds, “It will be hard to focus and might cause students to be less productive during the school day. In some classes now it is hard to focus for a full 60 minutes, so paying attention for 80 can be even harder.”

“Overall the schedule sounds like it has the potential to cause much stress,” softball player Kaylin Marshall explains. “The stress that results could end up affecting me greatly, especially in my sleep and energy level.”

On the contrary, many students see the benefits of this new schedule.

“80 minute frees will be super helpful,” dancer Lindsay Middleton states. “Even though it is just an extra 20 minutes than normal frees, it will help a lot when it comes to getting homework done during the school day. This longer break will give students time to relax before going back to class.”

“I like the idea that some classes will be shorter,” hockey player Tyler Kopff mentions. “It makes up for the fact that other classes are longer; it is really no different from the current schedule when you think about it.

Although the schedule originally sounded detrimental to many students, it is very similar to the current schedule. The time before and after lunch remains the same being 3 hours each. The length of free periods will benefit all students greatly, not just busy athletes. The focus issue could be a problem for some, but overall the stress and sleep should not cause major problems.

Claire Sullivan
staff writer

Graphics: Amelia Chen

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