Support for RHS Winter Sports

Despite the ongoing battle against COVID-19, Ridgewood Winter sports are beginning.  Since sports are such an important part of student life at RHS, they are running during pandemic. This is attributed to the commitment of players and coaches, who have followed new safety precautions and modified schedules.

Winter sports include alpine skiing, basketball, bowling, ice hockey, indoor track, swimming and wrestling.  All of these sports come with different levels of personal contact and team involvement.  Due to COVID-19, these sports will most likely have to be played in a different way this season.   Even though the changes for each sport may be different, the universal change will be the effect on spectators.  Winter sports are indoor sports.  For this reason, the 2021 sport seasons will have limitations on spectators.  Many players on RHS teams can testify that this impacts play.  Players are energized by the enthusiasm of the crowd.  It sometimes feels as if the crowd is pushing you forward to make a little extra effort.  This energy will be missed by the winter sports teams.

So, let’s make a special effort to support our winter sports athletes.  Follow their games.  Send them notes cheering them on to the next victory.  Let them hear the cheers of ¨Go Wood¨ in a virtual way.  As for those sports that we can attend, let’s get out and safely support our teams.   

Elisha de Silva
Staff Writer

Graphic: Jiah Lee

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