The ARTBeat/RHS Recording Studio Virtual Listening Party

On May 29, ARTBeat and the RHS Recording Studio held a virtual listening party and art show for the 2019 album on Zoom. The clubs collaborated and created a playlist on Spotify. It was a lighthearted and fun event that celebrated the artistic talents of the RHS student body. With an encouraging turnout, the event also featured an interactive question and answer session with the artists.

The virtual event highlighted a variety of musicians, some of which include Blues remastered, Emily Ertle, Yessir Nossir, Vegan Jazz, Division of Space, JT Cambria, The AcaBellas, The Maroon Men, and Hannah Calaman. Some of the amazing artists who presented their work were Jennifer Barales, Ellie Tsapatsaris, and William Stewart. The virtual party became a fun opportunity to reconnect with the student body again. 

The ARTBeat club organizes various events over each school year like Fall Fusion and Sublime to promote the artists of RHS. They recognize the arts through live performances and art galleries. Students from the entire high school are welcome to submit their work, participate, and attend these events to show support for their friends and the arts. The RHS Recording Studio holds recording sessions throughout the year that are available to any and all students interested in producing music. Over five albums of original material have been recorded by the RHS recording studio. To stay updated with each club, follow their Instagram accounts! 

ARTBeat: @ridgewoodARTBeat

RHS Music Production: @rhsmusicproduction

Sanjna Rajagopalan
Staff Writer 

Graphic: Sanjna Rajagopalan

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