The Dilemma of A “Classic Remake”

You hunker onto the couch with your friends ready to choose a classic movie for the night, but with so many options, how do you choose? Do you watch “The Parent Trap,” “Annie,” “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” “The Karate Kid,” or a different movie? Not only do you get to choose one of these beloved films, but you have the choice of watching the original or the remake. This could be a tough decision considering both movies have their own special qualities that make them uniquely enjoyable.

When a person of our generation is watching an older, classic film, there tends to be a different experience than when watching the remake. Although they both may be of excellent quality, one has to take into consideration that the movie was made most likely between thirty to fifty years ago, which could affect how the movie is interpreted. This means that the quality may not be as pristine, the acting may not be as exceptional, and the actors or actresses may not be widely recognized in the 21st century.

The past generation grew up watching these movies, and to them,  the originals of these films are top notch and will always remain “classics.” Growing up in an innovative world can change one’s outlook tremendously, especially in terms of pop culture and entertainment. Many of us have probably not watched all the classics listed above. Is this because they are too “old” for us?

Millennials prefer to involve themselves in current pop culture. This goes for movies, too, which is why we are more likely to watch the remakes of classics. With our advanced technology, stunts and special effects make movies more realistic, and therefore more entertaining.

The choice of actors and actresses may also have an effect on your movie choices. The “Parent Trap” features popular actress Lindsay Lohan. Her lead role in the remake of The Parent Trap most likely influences people of our generation to watch the movie because they are familiar with and like the main actress.

This same goes for classic remakes that include Jamie Foxx in “Annie,” Johnny Depp in “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” and The Karate Kid, which features Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith. We are more familiar with theses actors, therefore, we are more willing to watch the remakes.

“Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle,” is soon to be released on December 20.
What should we expect from it? Will the remake receive a higher rating than the original?

Considering that famous actors such as Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart are to star in the beloved and classic fantasy-action film, will their appearance make it a must-see? Either way, the next time you watch a movie, consider the difference between the original and the remake. The differences, and even the similarities, might just surprise you.

Megan Schwenker
staff writer

Graphic: Evie Cullen

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