The Legacy of the Notorious RBG at RHS: A Feminist Icon, Leader, and Inspiration

Since Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s passing on Friday, September 18th, Americans have mourned the death of a revolutionary feminist icon. Ruth Bader Ginsburg, or “the Notorious RBG,” was the second-ever female justice on the US Supreme Court. She lived her life fighting for reproductive rights and gender equality in the workplace, among other controversial issues that have agitated our society. Today, we take for granted the truly monumental contribution of figures like RBG to human rights in America. So, the question then becomes, what is Ridgewood High School doing to honor Justice Ginsburg and educate the students of RHS on her legacy?

Over the years, the history curriculum within Ridgewood Public Schools has become more inclusive of female and POC voices. Students as young as 1st grade, for example, are taught the importance of Martin Luther King’s “I Have A Dream” speech while high schoolers analyze primary sources from former slaves during the Civil War, protestors advocating for women’s suffrage in the 20th century, and more. It is imperative that students are educated on all perspectives of history, not just that of a single race or gender. Ginsburg’s legacy of activism cannot be continued without furthering the diversity of the curriculum at RHS. 

Another way RBG’s legacy lives within RHS is through the countless clubs focused on advocacy, activism, and political involvement. “We embrace all that Ruth Bader Ginsburg has given to [this] country,” says Sonali Wagh, RHS Junior and co-founder of the Intersectional Feminist Club. “[Her legacy] ensures all genders have equal opportunities within the school.” From clubs such as When We All Vote RHS to Students for Social Justice to Sunrise RHS, all activist clubs inspire the younger generation to get involved in their community and have their voices heard within our democracy.

Although the future of Ginsburg’s seat in the Supreme Court is uncertain, it is now more important than ever to recognize the importance of our generation as we mourn this tremendous leader. The obstacles Justice Ginsburg overcame, from facing gender discrimination in law school to raising a family while balancing a highly involved work life, is a testament to her incredible intelligence and strong will. She will forever be regarded as an inspiration to little girls, young people, and students of RHS.

Lauren Creed and Meghan McGorty 
staff writer & social media and digital content editor 

Photo: NYTimes

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