The Outrageously Unjustified Criticisms of Donald Trump

President Donald Trump. The name alone sparks many emotions in different people. Some love him; most do not. However, despite these varying beliefs, President Donald Trump constantly receives immense backlash for most of his presidential decisions. So why is this? Is it because he truly is a “racist bigot”? A “sexist homophobe”? Who’s to say? Well, we are. As Americans, we are all entitled to our opinions, whether they are highly popular among the general public, or whether only a small portion of people agree. Thus, as Americans, we sought out the truth to the question of whether or not President Donald Trump deserves the hate he gets.

To answer this question truthfully and objectively, we decided to look into President Trump’s administration with open-minded, conservative eyes. To begin, throughout his campaign, President Trump promised to “drain the swamp”, a metaphor referring to removing the ‘mosquitoes’ and ‘pests’ in the swamp that is our federal government. In the current day, he has gotten rid of executives in his administration that have slowed the progress he sought out to make. That sounds a lot like draining the swamp, right? If a president has goals in mind for the future, and another member disagrees with these goals, the noble action would be to fire said person. President Donald Trump has been doing just that. By effectively “draining the swamp,” he can now move the United States forward, making America great again.

Additionally, many may criticize President Trump’s course of action in dealing with the devastating hurricane in Puerto Rico. However, President Trump explained himself quite clearly why he couldn’t support the people of Puerto Rico: “[Puerto Rico] is an island, surrounded by water. Big water. Ocean water”. The President of the United States needs to be 100% safe at all times, thus, trying to fly over the “Big water. Ocean water” would put President Trump at risk of injury or death. President Donald Trump has always made a point to put America and its people at the forefront of his campaign, and by preventing himself from this potentially deadly water, President Trump continues the policy of Americans first.

Furthermore, President Donald Trump is also a medical expert (unlike his campaign opponent Ben Carson). For a long time, President Trump has expressed his views on medical practices such as vaccines. In 2015, he openly conveyed his well thought out, scientifically-tested opinion on vaccines, stating, “I am totally in favor of vaccines. But I want smaller doses over a longer period of time. Same exact amount, but you take this little beautiful baby, and you pumpI mean, it looks just like it’s meant for a horse, not for a child, and we’ve had so many instances, people that work for me. . . . [in which] a child, a beautiful child went to have the vaccine, and came back and a week later had a tremendous fever, got very, very sick, now is autistic.” How could you argue with that logic? President Trump has proven in such an enlightening statement that he is an absolutely unparalleled individual. After all, even he says that “my IQ is one of the highestand you all know it! Please don’t feel so stupid or insecure; it’s not your fault.”

By and large, President Trump has shown himself to be a man of not only impeccable reasoning and otherworldly diligence, but also a man that challenges the minds of Albert Einstein, Daniel T. Guinan, Bill Nye, Stephen Hawking, and Neil Degrasse Tyson.  So again we ask the question: does President Trump deserve the hate he gets? The answer seems pretty obvious now, doesn’t it?

JT Cambria and Danny Guinan
staff writers

Graphics: Maraea Garcia

12 thoughts on “The Outrageously Unjustified Criticisms of Donald Trump

    1. The thing that is more of a shame than the fact that no one has ever given Trump a chance is the fact that everytime I open my chromebook, this High Times website of filled with offensive content comes up. What a great way to start he day am I right? I like the majority of your stories but is it really necessary to mock our president in such a disrespectful manner? I can only imagine if the tides were turned in the other direction that there would be some very upset people. Think about it, by doing this are you any better than OUR President whom you make all these accusations against? I honestly wish I could write articles on here that supported my beliefs but know I would be ostracized for it.

      1. Speech is only free until someone from the left disagrees hen it’s not so free is it? Republicans can’t speak on college campuses without the entire student body going wild and causing great amounts of damage. But it’s free speech right?

  1. Liberal mainstream media back at it again. Name 1 (one) concrete gripe against President Donald Trump besides the fact that “uhhh he doesnt talk nice like obama did” or “well hes sexist obviously”. Because there is literally ZERO proof that he is Sexist, Racist, Homophobic, etcetera. Now if you want to say, I don’t agree with his views on abortion or gun control, then that is a fair and valid criticism, but people have been absolutely NUTS about Trump, coming up with the most rediculous claims and then screeching them out on repeat into their liberal echo chamber. This is EXACTLY why Trump won, because people are tired of the outlandish claims about Trump and the unneeded hysteria. This is why he’s gonna get four more years, so thanks.

    1. When you say there’s no evidence that the president is racist, homophobic, or sexist, I totally disagree. He repeatedly calls Elizabeth Warren, who is part Native American, “Pocahontas.” He said that a judge whose family lineage was Mexican could not properly be partial in a case about his border control policies, despite the fact that the judge has lived in the U.S. his whole life. To assume that allegiance to a nation is more based on race than experience is, in my opinion, racist.

      As for being homophobic, I’ll submit Mike Pence and leave it at that.

      As for sexism, there have been 16 women that accused Donald Trump of sexual harassment, and there’s also the Access Hollywood Tape.

      Here’s a list of other things I don’t like about him.

      -He has not severed ties with his businesses, despite becoming President, which violates the emoluments clause of the Constitution.
      -He fired James Comey for investigating him, which is a clear abuse of power, and for some reason, people seem to have forgotten about that already.
      -He supports a Republican-style tax plan which will give the rich massive tax breaks.
      -He supports the repeal of the death tax, which affects only the top 0.2% of wealthy Americans.
      -He claims he is pro-life, but said that women should be “punished” for having abortions, which pro-life organizations have said is not the goal of being pro-life.
      – He selected Ajit Pai as Chairman of the FCC, who is a former Verizon lobbyist and supports the repeal of Net Neutrality.

      Then there’s the other stuff that I consider normal disagreements that many people have. But I think that the things I just mentioned should be unanimously considered bad for the country.

      1. Alright, here we go.

        First of all, Senator Warren is NOT native American. She lied about it in a job application to Harvard and UPenn and it has not been proven in any way whatsoever that she is what she claims she is. He is calling her “Pocahontas” to expose the fact that she lied. In addition, a DIRECT descendant of Pocahontas has said that she doesn’t care that he calls her that.

        Second, it isn’t racist to question a judges impartiality due to their heritage. He has a fair point. He plans on building a wall between us and Mexico, which does anger many people, especially those with Mexican heritage because to them it feels like an attack on their country and heritage. It’s a very fair point to be angry with him on that, but it is not racist. For example If you had to go to be a witness on trial to testify against your mother/father for tax fraud or something of that sort, you would obviously say that they didn’t do it. You are partial do them because you have a relationship with them. The same goes for a judge who has a direct relationship to people who do not like Trump over his proposed Border wall because it hurts their home country.

        Third, Donald Trump is not Mike Pence. Donald actually mocks Pence for being so anti-gay.

        Fourth, the 16 accusations have not been proven at all. In the United States it is innocent until proven guilty, and I do not believe the people that are calling him out for sexual misconduct.

        Fifth, people seem to have “forgot” about Trump firing Comey because it didn’t mean anything. The Trump/Russia collusion is complete and utter NONSENSE, and if you truly believe it then you are misinformed. If anything its Clintin/Russian collusion. When she sold %20 of U.S Uranium to the Russians in exchange for donations to the Clinton Foundation.

        Sixth, his tax plan is pretty good. You may not want to believe that because you don’t like Trump and you may think that the rich need to give all their money to the poor, but that isn’t how real life works. Corporations are bringing Jobs back to the United States, and the middle and upper class are getting a break, which will allow for them to spend more, which reduces deadweight loss in the economy. The rich should have had massive tax cuts years ago. Take any economics course and you will know why.

        Seventh, the death tax is ridiculous. If you work your ass off all your life, why are you not entitled to give your family all the you earned. Your money is already taxed to the extreme, and then once you die to have it taxed again is just robbery.

        Eigth, I agree with your pro-life argument, that is the only fair criticism you have thus far pointed out.

        Ninth, Ajit Pai. Yeah i’m sure you have seen all of the memes against repealing net neutrality. Really, it’s a ridiculous fear mongering tactic to have people freak out about nothing. Net Neutrality was only introduced TWO (2) years ago. Repealing net neutrality will not change anything. No company is going to start charging $100 to use snapchat or instagram. Why? Because it isn’t economical. There is such a myriad of internet providers that if one provider decides to charge $100 per minute of internet, then you can just change providers to one that offers unlimited internet. Kinda EXACTLY how it was 3 years ago. No one charges ridiculous prices like that because they cant. Free market capitalism is preventing that from happening, so Ajit Pai and net neutrality is a pointless gripe.

        1. I’ll address a couple of the things that you said but I’ll try to keep this concise because writing a lot of pointless arguments is not conducive to any conversation. First, regardless of Elizabeth Warren’s Native American heritage or lack thereof, calling a person any name based on their supposed ethnicity is not okay. And the argument that it is justified simply because a descendent of Pocahontas said so is also pointless. Not only is that argument invalid, but I’m sure I could go out and find 100 other descendants of Pocahontas who disagree with his name calling. I know this is something of an extreme, but it’s akin to someone calling a white person “Hitler” just because a descendant of Hitler said that’s okay. That doesn’t seem like a reasonable justification to me.
          And your Clinton 20% uranium argument is also simply wrong. Just to educate you really quick because you obviously have no understanding of the topic, Uranium One is a Canadian based company that in 2012 sold 51% of its shares to a Russian company. Some of the Uranium One facilities are located in the US, and these facilities contribute 20% of the uranium to the US. So the sale would grant control of these facilities to the Russians. So first of all, the Clinton Foundation didn’t sell anything, the company was selling parts of itself. Also, I think the FOX news way of putting the blame on Obama was that he had the power to stop the sale yet he didn’t. This argument is also so self contradictory. Conservatives are seeking a free market, and by nature, want less Government intervention in the economy. If Mitt Romney had been president at the time of the Uranium One sale, he would have done the exact same thing as Obama did. Such action would be a violation of conservative principles, so actually you should be applauding the Obama Administration for their inaction.

          And quickly, on your economics argument, your response is garbage. You say “thats how life works” to justify the tax plan. Haha what kind of argument is that. I completely agree with you on the fact that Kinsian economic theory is an irrational way to boost the economy because I myself am a conservative, but next time don’t make us all look bad by not knowing how to debate.

      2. The point of calling Elizabeth Warren Pocahontas is because she claims to have native heritage, although there is ZERO evidence to back that up (and she wouldn’t take a DNA test when asked to prove it), and used it to list herself as a “minority” and potentially help herself get into Harvard. He is calling her out for being a fraud.
        While I agree that saying the judge couldn’t be partial is stupid, it is far from racist and could actually be a fair and true assessment.
        Mike Pence is not Donald Trump.
        Innocent until proven guilty. In the tape he says ‘they let you’, and although I don’t know the exact wording of the top of my head, what he said implies consent. Also what you say is very different from what you do.
        He didn’t fire Comey for that he reason, he fired him for improperly dealing with the Clinton emails and for being completely partisan, biased, and making a mockery of the FBI, like Robert Mueller and his witch hunt of an investigation is now.
        The tax plan Trump just passed gives tax cuts for everyone by putting everyone is lower brackets, except for upper middle class people (not poor people, not lower middle class people), and does helpful things
        for the poor like DOUBLING child tax credits. He significantly cut the corporate tax rate which will allow corporations to grow their businesses even more and give more people jobs. The only bad thing I see about this is that it probably has things to exploit because it was pushed through and approved so fast.
        The government should be smaller anyway so a death tax in unnecessary.
        He has done nothing to punish women who have had abortions.
        I don’t think that the FCC Chairman choice was good, because net neutrality is essential.

        1. The problem I have with this comment is how you feel it is necessary to defend every single thing that President Trump does. I support the conservative tax plan, like you, and agree with most everything you say besides your defense of his racist and sexist comments. He had no reason to call Elizabeth Warren out like that, and could have done so without name calling. Also, your defense of his comments about women is disturbing. He clearly implies doing things without consent in the tape, and just because the accusations from the SIXTEEN WOMEN have not been proven, do not mean that they are entirely false. I think that President Trump is doing a good job, but I also think that he is not a great guy.

  2. All ricardo talks about these days is the 14th. 14th this 14th that, idk what he wants but this should be looked into

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