You Won’t Want to Miss the Student Written and Directed One Acts

The production of student-written one acts at RHS is especially meaningful to the New Players, as it gives students the unique opportunity to showcase their talent. Dr. Schaefer and supervisors Louisa Vilardi and Mark Hernandez together selected 6 student-written plays to be workshopped for a period of months. Professional actors then take the scripts and do a read-through while two experienced playwrights in the audience give notes and suggestions. From there, student authors edit their scripts and submit them to student directors who have about a month to cast and assemble these ten minute plays. The shows this year include:

Eleven Minutes in Heaven by Patrick Meyer & Sam Vana

A Lover’s Text by Jess Marr

Erica’s Manuscript by Anna Schoff

Peculiar Poems of Passion by Kathryn Kearney

Join Us for Dinner by Alexandra Savage

TBA by JT Cambria & Sean Zuckerman

In an interview with junior Jess Marr, she provided me with a brief synopsis of each play. Eleven Minutes in Heaven tells the story of the twelve Olympian gods getting together for a dinner party at Kanye’s house. A Lover’s Text relays how texting and social media affect relationships. In Erica’s Manuscript, Erica receives news that she must rewrite the ending of her book in one day while distractions from friends and family ensue. Join Us for Dinner explains how a family meal can be really annoying at times, especially with vegans. TBA, a musical, chronicles a high school choosing the school’s musical; it parodies other musicals to get its plot across.

Auditions were held on May 16 and the casts (sizes range from 2-10 people) have begun rehearsing.

Freshman Mary McDade, who is starring as lead role Erica in Erica’s Manuscript, reported that rehearsals have been going well and that she is happy with her cast and director. Rehearsals for her show have been made easy by Anna Schoff’s well-written and eloquent script.

When I asked Jess and Mary what they are most excited about and why people should come see the one acts production, they responded with similar answers:

Jess: “I am most excited to see my show come to life under the direction and production of my friends. It’s a very supportive environment and hella fun time. People should come see it because it is their peers telling stories that many of us can relate to and understand. They’re very funny and short, making them easy to follow.”

Mary: “I am most excited for the chance to put on a great piece that’s been written by one of my friends while being able to act alongside peers. People should come to it for the same reason I am excited for it. All of the works are written by students of all ages, anywhere from freshman to senior year and performed by students of all ages. I think the talent that we have at the high school in both fields is really amazing.”

The performance is set for June 10 at 2:00 and 8:00 P.M. Come support your peers, and don’t miss out!

Melanie Leider
staff writer

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