“You’re Hot and You’re Cold”

“It’s absolutely tropical.” The words, “it’s too hot” uttered a record six times in one fifty-minute period of math. Then, the words “Oh my god, why is it so cold, can we close the windows?” heard a period later in health.

As winter settles, students at RHS are once again reminded of the battle of finding a moderate temperature in RHS. Many mornings are greeted by comfortably keeping on giant padded jackets, or regretting the time that extra layer was hastily shoved into a locker before first period. From hoodies to T-shirts, moving from class to class is accompanied not only by subject changes, but the occasional urge to find a blanket. A perfectly reasonable amount of clothing in one room becomes completely unbearable in the next, and some places are just lost causes altogether. 

The cold isn’t the only problem; the blasting heaters make sure the balance is ill-maintained. How is it that Room 299 continues to be stuffy and humid in the driest weather, to the evasion of all logic? The windows are constantly kept open in 40 degree weather, and yet the classroom still stubbornly refuses to circulate any air at all. 

Of course, everyone tolerates temperature differently, but unless someone can claim superhuman tolerance, the cold is still very much felt. However, it most definitely isn’t a life or death situation, and despite how inconvenient it can be, the students at RHS make do with what they have. All that’s left is to wait out until spring, and bring an extra jacket or even a blanket if one feels brave enough. 

Unless it’s Room 299, then good luck.

Sarah Jeong
Staff Writer

Graphic: Sunny Rhew

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