2021: A New Beginning?

2020 has been the most abnormal, trying twelve months of most of our lifetime. With the new year rapidly approaching, many have hope that the clock striking midnight on January 1 will mean the end to all of the madness, and hopefully a new beginning. 

The world as a whole was undoubtedly dealt some pretty awful cards this year. But going into the future, luck has nothing to do with how 2021 plays out. So many people worked incredibly hard this year to ensure that the country and the world will be sufficiently prepared for whatever January 1 brings. Junior Meghan McGorty speaks to this: “I think luck is subjective, but I do think society as a whole has learned a great deal from everything that’s happened this year and we will be better for it. We can only be as lucky as people are diligent, respectful, and optimistic.” Frontline workers, doctors, nurses, and other essential personnel alike worked immeasurably hard to ensure that this entire country did not collapse amongst all of the madness that characterized this year. Going forward, and thanks to everyday heroes, society as a whole is immensely more prepared for the year to come than it was on March 13, 2019.

To assume that 2021 will be characteristically more “lucky” than 2020 would be incredibly misguided. There is simply no way to know what the year will bring, or whether it will be better or worse than before. The only way we can hope to move forward as a society is to continue to work together and support one another no matter what the coming year entails. Cautious optimism is undoubtedly the best outlook to hold on the coming year, but “luck” means absolutely nothing in comparison to strength, unity and compassion for one another. If we take these qualities into the new year, that is truly the “luckiest” we can be. 

Rose Clarke
staff writer

Graphic: Vivian Yuan

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