Alvin Chen & Will Botto

Will: This is 319B, the IT storage office.

What are you guys doing here?

Will: Right now, inventory and cleaning

How did you guys get started doing this stuff?

Alvin: Well, we applied for a job with the IT department. We just do odds and ends, fixing small things. Over the summer, we take all the computers, everything technology we bring it to the room, take inventory, make sure it works, bring it back, to where we’re supposed to set it up for next year.

Is that what most of your job is?

Will: Um, yeah, over the summer is a lot of inventory, making sure everything works. During the school year, it’s maintaining stuff, so we work more with the PC computers, not really the Chromebooks because they’re warrantied.

Alvin: We pack them up and ship them out.

Will: But if there’s ever a computer that stops connecting to the Internet, won’t load, or won’t do anything, software won’t work, we’re the kind of guys that get sent to fix it. So like, if a projector needs a new bulb, we work closely with the two IT office managers. They are our bosses, Leo and Jaeson.

Wait, so is this your summer job?

Alvin: It’s summer and year-round.

Will: We apply for the summer and we work and whoever’s best fit for the position works year-round. So it’s not really a competition. You do your best, like you would with any job, but if you really master the skills then you are offered a position. So, we are two of three workers, Will Lucca works with us as well.

What’s the coolest thing you’ve ever done thus far?

Will and Alvin: Recycling.

Will: All the computers that don’t work or are broken or-

Alvin: Anything technology that we don’t need anymore-

Will: We literally throw it away and they ship it in a truck and

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