Are There Positives to Life in Quarantine?

When RHS students were notified that online school would continue until the end of the school year, most were devastated. Because of the coronavirus, there was no way to see friends and classmates on a daily basis anymore. Online school seemed like a chore, and staying at home all day caused headaches. The worst part was that our favorite stores and cafes were closed as well. There was literally nothing to do.

But boredom was an infinitesimal negative factor of the coronavirus. The virus itself was deadly, compromising the lives of over a thousand people in Bergen County alone. Extra precautions now had to be taken due to the pandemic. People with gloved hands and masked faces filled grocery stores, and lines stood six feet apart. Human interactions were restricted and a curfew was imposed throughout the state of New Jersey.

It seemed as if the world was ending, that there was no hope for us anymore. The year of 2020 had had a rough start, but it was now progressively getting even worse. Fortunately, the positive aspects of being in quarantine soon began to show.

Kids could now be seen playing outside on their front lawns — a rarity within the past few years. Because of today’s technological advancements, kids tend to gravitate to their phones or the TVs inside. But that can only last one so long. Looking outside a window you could now see kids biking around the neighborhood, teenangers skateboarding, and adults going on a jog. People were starting to take the time to appreciate nature more because of all the boredom-induced curiosity that had been added to their lives. In fact, the decrease in usage of cars and other polluting vehicles allowed the Himalayas to be visible from India for the first time in 30 years!

The Covid-19 lockdown forced us to find new hobbies and discover new talents that we had never once thought about doing before. The majority of students at RHS decided quarantine was the perfect time to make change, so many started exercising on a daily basis and Chloe Ting workouts became popular. Others found different ways to entertain themselves; whether it was through baking, dancing, reading, or binging Netflix, everyone grew as a person in their own way. 

Though we should not ignore the pain and suffering many families are or have endured because of the coronavirus, we should not dwell in feelings of being sad just because it seems as if nothing is going right. There is always a positive aspect to every situation, and this can also apply with being in quarantine as well.

Karis Han
staff writer

Graphic: Jacob Baskin

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