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Artbeat’s Fall Fusion

Everywhere we go, music envelopes us and leaves a lasting impression. The sounds we hear are our motivation, our inspiration, and an outlet for our emotions. Music is the language of the heart that everybody understands, no matter where he or she is from. It is a method for people to reveal their inner self. Ridgewood ARTBeat Fall Fusion 2017 provided Ridgewood High School students with an exciting opportunity to perform and express themselves through performing and visual arts.

The courtyard was crowded with musicians and an audience consisting of people watching their friends, parents supporting their children, and those who just wanted to have a good time listening to the performers. This November, the theme was Fall Fusion.

ARTBeat brings people together to share the artistic talents of Ridgewood High School’s students with the community. Founded by Sophia Swanson last year and run by the ARTBeat committee, their goal is to organize events throughout the year that exhibit the creativity of Ridgewood High School students.

The artists who performed Tuesday night were: Alana Bonfiglio, Formal Apology, Mason Skylar, Rachel and Sky, and Kate and Co. The night was filled with cheers and loud applause as the courtyard filled with various styles of music that all represent Fall Fusion. The audience danced to the beat as the melody and harmony carried the musicians’ emotions into the night. Surrounded by beautiful lights, one could see the colors move along with the melody.

I ask the musicians, “What inspires them to perform?”

Rachel Fazylova of Rachel and Sky said that the “happiest I feel is when I’m performing.” Happiness from the performance was a common theme of inspiration. A performer from Kate and Co. said, “The feeling of being on stage and playing makes me feel like I can do anything.” This feeling of happiness and enthusiasm can be a major motivation to perform. Other artists talked about how performing is a way to connect with different people and interact with different cultures. A musician said that  “for musicians, it’s the only way to express themselves.”

Expressing ourselves artistically is a way for us to illustrate our thoughts and perspectives. Kate Landino of Kate and Co. said music is “a way for us to connect with people who we wouldn’t have connected with otherwise.” The relationships we are able to form with music, whether we are performing or simply listening, can last for years. Music can broaden our horizons. No matter who you are we can all come together to enjoy music. Musicians can connect with their audience by sending meaningful messages through their lyrics.

ARTBeat is an extraordinary event at Ridgewood High School where artists can demonstrate their talent to the Ridgewood Community. They have the opportunity to let their voices be heard through various songs and artwork.     

Music is an immense part of our lives that is shared throughout the community. For students to have opportunities such as ARTBeat, which allows them to not only express themselves, but also to communicate and establish connections with others, is both unique and powerful. This event is not only a social gathering, but also a chance to have fun by entertaining others and conveying one’s message to an audience.

Peter Warren
staff writer

Graphic: Sophia Swanson

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  1. Peter: We are so proud of your report on Airpeat’s Fusion!! Please save me several copies. They should be included in your college applications next year. My best, Pop Pop

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