Artist of The Month

Emily Monestel Calderón is RHS’ first artist of the month! Currently a junior at RHS she is part of the several art programs RHS has to offer. Enrolled in RHS’s American History, Literature & Integrated Study in the Arts (AHLISA) program, where creating artwork becomes a large aspect of students’ English and History curriculum, and also enrolled in RHS’s Intermediate Studio Art class, creating is a huge part of her life. Emily first got into art from a young age, as a child she always liked drawing original characters and she always tried to create with any material she could find. Even though she always enjoyed creating she officially became serious about art in 7th grade when she started taking formal art lessons. Today Emily considers herself a mixed media artist who works with several different art mediums such as watercolor, colored pencil, and marker. Usually, getting inspiration for her artwork from the world around her, her art mainly consists of people and places and when it comes to titling her works she tends to use word play often. Emily continues to work on art today since it is her way of expressing herself and also because of art’s power to move. Currently she is working on murals in the Freshmen Focus room with other RHS artists so keep an eye out for when that is completed!

Preethika Rao
Arts and Culture Editor

Artwork: Mariel by Emily Monestel Calderón

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