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Autumnal Fashion Edit

Goodbye Birkenstocks, goodbye tanks and shorts. Autumn, the best season, is here. There are two reasons why I love fall, apple cider donuts and the fashion. The weather is perfect for layering cable knits and collared shirts. However, throw on a Sherpa denim jacket, add a fresh donut in one hand, and you’re golden. To fully understand the intent of this article it must be clarified that style and fashion cannot be used interchangeably. Fashion correlates with a particular look while style is unique to every individual (unless you wear vineyard vines every day). In this article, I’ll be reviewing the latest fashion trends, and you can choose whether you’ll incorporate these pieces into your fall wardrobe or not.

The greatest thing about fall fashion is being able to play around with different textures. Whether it is different types of leather like suede and sheepskin, the latest autumnal looks have included them all.

Leather jacket: A classic moto jacket never goes out of style. It’s been a staple for so many years and since it keeps resurfacing, it looks like this piece is here to stay. The jacket is so versatile as it can dress up a striped tee but also pair really nicely with a dress. My favorite way to wear a leather jacket is to wear a more feline outfit underneath it. It adds a bit of flare and grunge to a more feminine look. Most people are scared to try out a leather jacket as it might not be their style, however, if you’re on the fence, you can buy a faux to test it out. There are plenty of cheap alternatives on the market (<$80) but if you’re willing to commit to the real deal, prepare for a dent in your wallet. The best (& the most pricey) leather jackets are usually the softest and most buttery of the bunch.




If you want to test the waters: – – –  – –

If you want to invest:

Shearling/Sherpa: You may not know this texture by its name but once you see this fuzzy bear-like texture, you’ll recognize it immediately. From vests to collars of denim jackets, sherpa has been all the craze. This fur has been most notable for making up the “teddy-bear jackets,” (you know the toasty brown one with the cute collar). Not only does this material keep you warm while looking stylish, it’s very affordable and accessible. Brands such as Levi’s, Urban Outfitters and practically any other trendy clothing store carry a style of shearling. When styling sherpa, I like to wear all black and a slightly oversized fuzzy jacket on top. I would then wear gold accessories such as dainty necklaces and rings to highlight the caramel color of the coat. Perhaps because it’s super comfy or it’s super cute, brands have placed shearling on the market for years, and it’s safe to say this trend hasn’t run its course just yet.

Levi’s Original Sherpa Trucker Jacket:

Some Teddy Bear Coats:

Leather Boots: Nothing screams fall more than leather/riding boots. 

This shoe makes an outfit instantly autumnal. There are plenty types of boots for sale such as tall vinyl ones and thigh-high suede boots but nothing beats a classic leather bootie. It never goes out of style and can suit anyone! For someone who is on the shorter side like myself, a Chelsea boot is better than a long boot, which can cut you off and make you appear shorter. In addition, most boots have a good heel which can make you seem even taller. What is so great about boots are that they come in a variety of shapes, textures, and shades. My favorite way to wear boots is with skinny jeans. You can also pair them with a dress. The greatest thing about wearing boots is that it’s impossible to mess up an outfit with them; in fact, they add a special to flare to a look.

Short ankle boots:

Long riding boots:

Checkered/Plaid pants: Checkered pants are no longer for business people in pantsuits. Ever since the media and influencers have been wearing them as street-wear, these bottoms are booming on the market. Yes, plaid pants or patterned pants are what some might say ‘risky’ but if worn properly it makes an outfit look incredibly chic. For instance, a black ribbed top with plaid pants and slip-ons gives off that effortless modern feel. A good tip to remember when wearing plaid pants is to keep patterns to a minimum. With a statement like this, you want to keep the emphasis on the pants and not elsewhere.

Checkered Pants:

Duster/OverCoats: One of the most unfortunate parts of colder weather is having to ruin a very good outfit with a very unstylish coat. “It’s only outside,” or “I’ll take it off, it’s fine,” I hear a lot of people say. But what if you don’t have to sacrifice both being warm and looking put-together? Now that would be great. Luckily there’s something called an overcoat or a duster (as the brits say). Ranging from different textures and thickness, dusters will keep you cozy without adding bulk.  

Here are some:

Perhaps you’ve heard of or worn some of these trends or maybe you haven’t; regardless of that, it’s not necessary for you to follow them as if they were some type of rule book. You can draw inspiration from this article but it is by no means going to improve your quality of life (besides looking great of course). Following trends doesn’t make you more stylish or cool, and not following them doesn’t make you the opposite of those traits. It doesn’t matter what length, pattern, texture or color it is- the greatest outfit a person can wear is something that can be worn with confidence.

Amelia Chen
chief graphics editor

Graphics: Amelia Chen

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