Bagelicious Reopens in Ridgewood

If you’re a fan of bagels (as many of us at RHS are), you’ll be happy to learn that Bagelicious, a much-loved Ridgewood bagel store, is re-opening soon. To give a little context, Bagelicious was founded in 1983. It sold hot bagels and coffee, sponsored local sports teams,  and gave free bagels to charity, surviving nearly 40 years of economic ups and downs. By 2020, it had become a Ridgewood institution. But then, disaster struck: In April 2020, while Ridgewood was learning through virtual school, there was a dramatic five-alarm fire in downtown Ridgewood. Luckily, no one was hurt, but when the smoke cleared, all that remained of Bagelicious was a burnt-out shell. Many lamented this loss of what they saw as integral to Ridgewood’s downtown. “I think it was a pivotal part of the Ridgewood community,” said RHS senior Katherine Gelshenen.

Luckily for Bagelicious enthusiasts like Katherine, the shop is re-opening this winter under the ownership of Gustavo Rosales, a former employee who worked at Bagelicious for ten years before the fire. It’s been fully restored, complete with a new bright red paint job. The Ridgewood Guild even welcomed Bagelicious back by planting a tree outside the store.

“I’ve never been and never heard of it,” says freshman Gina Vaynshteyn, “But I love bagels!” Loving bagels is a trait that many people at RHS seem to share (I see a lot of them at lunch), perhaps because of our proximity to New York City, so hopefully the students will enjoy the new option for buying them.

Katrina Eilender
Staff Writer

Graphic: Sunny Rhew

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