East Ridgewood Ave in September 2020.

Best Take-Out Places in Ridgewood

Unless you are new to the current conditions of COVID-19, you probably know that going outside has never been more of a hassle. Standing in freezing-cold weather while also adhering to safety regulations (masks, gloves, etc.) has deterred many from going to the center of town. Although the pandemic has limited many recreational activities in Ridgewood, eating does not have to be one of them! We have a handful of covid-friendly restaurants that you can enjoy while also being COVID-conscious. These places include aspects such as no-contact pickup, social-distancing markings, and outdoor seating to minimize the risk of contracting the virus. No matter what time of the day, here are some great choices of outdoor eating:

If you like a good bagel in the morning, you should definitely go to Ridgewood Hot Bagels. They have coffees, bagels, muffins, and many more pastries. This is a very good breakfast option for people. Another place for breakfast that people love to go to in the morning is The Daily Treat; many RHS students tend to go here, either before school, during lunch, or after school with friends. They have french toast, pancakes, eggs, and other traditional breakfast foods. If you like pancakes, the Country Pancake House will meet all of your breakfast needs. This classic Ridgewood breakfast spot is best known for their delicious, giant pancakes and their hamburgers.  

There are also many great spots in Ridgewood for lunch. During lunchtime, many people like to eat at the local sandwich place, Jersey Mike’s’ Subs. They have turkey, tuna, and bologna.  They have different types of meats and different breads, including wheat and white bread. Its close proximity to Ridgewood High School makes it a favorite for high school students. Students at lunchtime line up and wait in lines to order their favorite subs. There is also Wilkes Deli, a sandwich shop off Ridgewood Ave and Pleasant. They are known for their deli sandwiches and salads. They also have snacks, such as chips and gatorades. They are known for their deli rolls, deli meats, and their tuna and egg salads.   

If you want a bite to eat in Ridgewood for dinner, there is It’s Greek To Me, a classic Greek place. They serve spanakopita, pita, and gyro. Another great thing about It’s Greek to Me during these conditions is it’s outdoor, heated eating cabins. These are rare to come by in Ridgewood, so it’s definitely a wow-factor! However, if you are not a Greek fan, that is fine; there are plenty of sushi and Chinese options too! Sakura Bana is a very well-rated sushi restaurant in the heart of Ridgewood. One student claims their favorite thing from Sakura Bana is their salmon rolls. They also have yellowtail, tuna, shrimp, and a wide variety of other fish. Chinese food is also abundant; Asian Grill is a Chinese place in Ridgewood that offers different soups, such as “egg drop”. There is also lo mein, egg rolls, and chow fun with chicken and beef. There are also a wide variety of meats, which are cooked in different ways with different sauces.  

You are now on your way to enjoying great food in Ridgewood, even in these uncertain times! Enjoy, and stay safe!

Shane Fleischman
Staff Writer

Photo: Logan Richman

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