Coronavirus: Ridgewood Spring Sports

The concerns and warnings about Coronavirus have shut down almost everything, including Ridgewood high school sports.  The spring sports at RHS have been suspended until further notice. With more cases appearing each day and New Jersey being a “hot spot” for the Coronavirus, many athletes are concerned.

Every athlete is hopeful that they can get back on the field as soon as possible.  But in the meantime they have to stay conditioned and ready to play in case the sports do come back.  

All the athletes at RHS understand the need for the cancelion of these sports but are of course upset over it.  Sophomore track and field runner AnnaMarie Tretola explains that “even though coronavirus does not allow them to practice together, luckily her teammates and her can run individually, but their meets are canceled.”  She also adds that eliminating this season will be detrimental for her personally since it is important to have spring track times going into junior year for college recruitment purposes. Additionally sophomore track and field runner James Barbi adds that “the officials said they’re doing everything in their power to extend the season to try to get some meets in!”

In addition, many sports are played throughout the summer and the spring season helps athletes prepare for them.  Sophomore lacrosse player Lilly Clay states that her “lacrosse team only had three practices during the season and since lacrosse is a team sport it is hard to grow together and it will lead to a harder summer season for club teams.

Sophomore baseball player Joe Grasso explains how his team tried to go to Vets field and practice but it got shut down, he says, “it’s not an ideal situation because if the season was to come back we want to be fresh and ready to go, but lots of players including myself are practicing on their own to try and stay ready!” Each sport program is trying their best to stay in touch and stay positive during this time.  Through the technologies we are afforded these days this is possible. Many coaches are scheduling zoom meetings and talking to their players. Sophomore softball player Cate Cardew explains how her team is given “daily classroom assignments for fielding and hitting.” That is a great way to keep the team active and stay positive. In whatever way your team can, try to connect and communicate and practice your sport while staying positive!  Hopefully the spring sports programs will be back soon!

Grace Gluckow
staff writer

Graphic: Tess Cundiff

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