Cyber Monday Takeover

With the fall season coming up, people are getting into the spirit of Thanksgiving and the exciting approach of the winter holidays. The festivities of fall truly make the season a favorite for everyone. It is an especially exciting time for shoppers because of the big sales that occur on the Friday and Monday after Thanksgiving, known as Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Many people think that both of these days mark the official start of the holiday shopping season because of the good deals and prices. However, there has recently been a rise in the number of shoppers participating in Cyber Monday instead of Black Friday. Both days have their pros and cons, but people seem to favor online shopping over Black Friday.

Although many people may argue that Black Friday is better because of the experience that comes with it, shopping online is considered the smarter way to find the best deals. It allows people to shop in the comfort and leisure of their own homes. Also, it is simply faster because they don’t have to deal with the chaos that comes with shopping on Black Friday. Everyone has seen the crazy videos that show people getting trampled when the doors open, or people fighting over the last T.V set. In fact, many people have died from getting trampled over by a Black Friday stampede. Since 2006, there have been 10 deaths and 111 injuries as a result of the day’s pandemonium. People are more inclined to stay home and get their items delivered to them in a stress-free manner. 

From personal experience, I know that shopping on Cyber Monday allows me to take my time without the hassle of long lines. The environment of Black Friday is very rushed and chaotic, to the point where people sometimes cannot make the right decisions or think clearly. It’s easy to overspend and become impulsive in the midst of a shopping frenzy. Cyber Monday allows people to easily compare prices online and make smart decisions when shopping for good deals.

Cyber Monday allows a shopper to comfortably shop on their laptop without having to deal with crowds or stress. Also, when people shop online, they can find deals or items that weren’t in stores or that they might have missed on Black Friday. During Cyber Monday, shoppers are most likely to not have problems with items going out of stock. It is quite difficult to navigate certain stores and find a specific product. Shopping online makes it easier for shoppers to locate exactly what they are looking for.

Shoppers are more inclined to shop on Cyber Monday because it is simply faster, easier, and more convenient. Laziness is becoming a more popular trait in people, which factors into the reason why Cyber Monday is gaining more popularity. Black Friday requires energy and the willingness to take on big crowds. In short, the rise of Cyber Monday has to do with the accessibility and convenience that technology offers people. As long as technology evolves and shoppers continue to follow this trend, Black Friday might not be in existence for shoppers in the future.

Emily Kim
staff writer

Graphic: Nicole Kye

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