December Artist of the Month

The December artist of the month is Grace Park, a junior at RHS. You may see her hanging out in the high school’s art room, where she loves to experiment with both painting and pottery. For her, art is an escape from stress, and she says, “It comes to me very easily, so much that I will spend hours painting without realizing.” When it comes to art, she says that there are no outside worries and distractions plaguing her mind, and she can just create freely.

Grace also frequently shares her skill and love of art with others and is always willing to give helpful tips or advice based on her own experiences. She has taught some underclassmen the complicated process of making, glazing, and baking clay so they can be better in the future. And in the spirit of Christmas, she is sharing her talent by making and painting handmade mugs as gifts for family and friends!

Artists often have a natural eye for finding beauty in things that others may not look twice at. Grace wants to share this perspective through her paintings and “show people how I see things.” She says that she “has this need to take a picture of everything, so I never really run out of things to paint.” Although she says she, like many others, is still learning, she enjoys putting her thoughts and ideas into a physical form. If you want to see Grace’s art, make sure to go to check out her Maroon and White exhibit in February!

Kate Minn
Staff Writer

Graphic: Grace Park

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