Halloween 2020: Chaotic or Fun?

Trick or treating this year is going to be different than years before. While there are no strict rules that people need to follow, the CDC recommends homes to give away individually wrapped candies. People giving out candy should wash their hands before touching the treats. As per usual, Halloween-goers are told to maintain a distance of 6 feet and are told to wear masks at all times. Trick or treaters are advised to carry around hand sanitizer to clean their hands after touching objects that are not their own.

Instead of Halloween gatherings, the CDC recommends partaking in outdoor activities. Families can visit orchards, but should use hand sanitizer after touching objects such as pumpkins that others may have touched. For kids, Halloween themed scavenger hunts can be a fun way to spend time with their family. Another idea would be a walk through a haunted forest or corn maze. For teens, an idea is to have an outdoor Halloween movie night with friends. Overall, it is important for people to be involved in activities that have a setting outside with minimal people. 

A sophomore at RHS believes that trick-or-treating “doesn’t seem the most safe, but if they find a way to make it safe and without contact, Halloween will be fun.” She says kids may take off their masks to eat the candy, which would be hectic. Chloe Cho, a sophomore at RHS, says “there will probably be a lot of people in the streets and when it gets darker at night, it will be harder to see where everyone is.” She thinks Halloween will not be the same this year with the masks and having to social distance from friends. Some people want to have fun after spending much time in their homes, but others are still hesitant to receive candy from someone who may be infected. It is up to the individual to make sure they are safe from the virus while participating this year.

Melike Yesil
Staff Writer

Graphic: Emily Kim

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