How Can RHS Help to Improve Students’ Mental Health Right Now?

Across the entire globe, an overwhelming number of people have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. An interesting yet scary fact about this pandemic is that it is extremely taxing not only on physical well-being but also on mental health. Even within RHS, many students have shared that they feel isolated and not as enthusiastic as they did pre-COVID era. The key factor that can help students improve their mental health is to strive for a healthy lifestyle. Examples of a healthy lifestyle would be getting enough sleep, eating regularly, and doing the things that make one happy. A notable way to strive for a healthy lifestyle–which will improve mental health–is to exercise. Knowing that the body is becoming stronger helps to relieve people from stress. By utilizing this idea, students are able to live a healthy life, improve their mental health, and deal with the stress that comes with this national health crisis.

RHS also presents students with numerous ways to benefit one’s mental health. Many students have reported that getting involved in school programs, such as the Newplayers or Project Interact, has helped them cope with the tension our country is currently facing. One club that is worth mentioning is the Psychology Club. In this club, students are able to comfortably fit into an atmosphere in which students can gain knowledge, interest, and experience in psychology and mental health. For those who want to sign up, the Google Classroom code is “cygbbao” Even if you cannot attend the monthly meetings, resources for mental health will be provided on the Google Classroom stream. It is important to remember that YOU ARE NOT ALONE, so do not hesitate to get involved. Rather, try to view these difficult times as an opportunity to learn and create a better version of yourself. 

Thomas Kim
staff writer

Graphic: Zoe Kovac

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