How Mental Health Can Impact A Teen’s Day To Day Life

Amongst teens, mental health is a large factor in their quality of life. It is an important aspect in a teen’s psychological well-being and physical health. Obtaining a positive mentality and mental health is an important thing anyone should try to achieve. However, with many day to day struggles, mental health can be severely negatively impacted and lead teens to make regrettable decisions. It is up to these same teens to find outlets in their lives which allow them to unleash their stress to become peace. These outlets could be found in various extracurricular activities offered by schools and other places. 

It is commonly seen in teenagers to put off school related tasks with the excuse of their mental health. Mental health can negatively impact a student’s academic achievement. There can be issues for students later in life involving their overall health. According to many sources, it is commonly stated that mental health difficulties interfere with their studies, energy level and concentration. As students ourselves, we can assert that at times homework can lead us to lose motivation. This can cause teenagers to become procrastinators and increase their stress levels. Teenagers often feel alone and misunderstood during these stressful times. Schoolwork can lead the mental health of a teen to worsen over time. 

Compared to schoolwork, extracurricular activities can help a teen’s physical well-being drastically improve. For instance, sports are said to be a stress reliever among students. According to BMJ Journals, “Children who participated in school extracurricular activities were less likely to drop out of school as adolescents…” Taking part in extracurriculars also keeps teens away from screen time which is beneficial for their eyes. Mental health has been widely seen to be affecting each and every individual throughout the world, either in a positive or negative way. 

It is important for many to know that having a good mental health is one of the most important things in life. Whether it is schoolwork or other tough work to accomplish, no teen should ever let anything lead them to have extra stress and anxiety. Instead they should allow themselves to take their mind off their normal life by participating in extracurricular activities. Overall, mental health truly plays a large role in schoolwork and extracurricular activities as it affects a teen’s perception of life. 

Alisha Dave and Musarrot Chowdhury
Staff Writer

Graphic: Chloe Cho

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