Kesha: A True Rockstar

Everyone has a powerful female role model in their lives, and if not one, multiple. Maybe it’s your mother or grandmother, perhaps it’s your sister, or even a celebrity. In the wake of the biggest women’s rights movement since women were protesting the right to vote, many celebrities have stepped up and shared their opinions through media and art outlets. By watching the news or even just logging onto Twitter, it is almost guaranteed that you will hear or see a celebrity quote on this topic. Famous figures, from USA olympic gymnast Aly Raisman to talk show host Oprah Winfrey, have spoken on this topic, establishing even further that they are the strong female role models this country needs. Even Adele impressed everyone with her powerful statement on behalf of the 2018 Women’s March saying, “I am so grateful to be a woman, I wouldn’t change it for the world. I hope I’m not only defined for my gender though. I hope I’m defined for my input to the world, my ability to love and have empathy…I want what’s best for people, I think we all do. We just can’t agree on what that is. Power to the peaceful, power to the people.” We could probably go on and on and list how celebrities are stepping up and empowering people. Yet, one celebrity in particular who really encompasses a strong female role model is Kesha.

Although Kesha went dark for the past couple of years, she has now made her powerhouse return releasing her newest album “Rainbow,” which has some very impactful songs and messages throughout. Specifically her biggest hit single from the album is the song “Praying” which has received quite the hype in the past couple of months. This liberating song is allegedly created in response to the reports that Kesha’s producer Dr. Luke sexually assaulted her. She has been struggling through legal battles trying to leave the record, yet she is stuck in a binding contract. Through this long, hard battle she has become an advocate in spreading awareness and is “Praying” for a change. To just share some of Kesha’s lyrics here’s an excerpt from the song “Woman”, another example of her fight towards Women’s rights:

I buy my own things, I pay my own bills

These diamond rings, my automobiles

Everything I got, I bought it

Boys can’t buy my love, buy my love, yeah

I do what I want (she does), say what you say

I work real hard every day

Kesha’s power and strength can also be seen as she shares her opinions on social media. A few weeks Kesha tweeted, “women empowering women is so much more beautiful than tearing each other apart. That is part of the patriarchy that’s gotta go. There is room and space for all women to succeed, and even help and support each other at the same time.” This is just one of her many amazingly moving tweets and messages she shares almost daily on the topic of women’s rights. This shows Kesha stands with all women and stands tall. No one knows what Kesha’s next move as a role model will be, but whatever it is, it’s sure to be something powerful. Preach Kesha, preach!

Hannah Thompson
staff writer

Graphics: Anika Tsapatsaris

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