Latin reaches out to Cambodia Club

Founded in 2007, the Ridgewood Cambodia Club was founded with the ambitious goal of building a fully functioning school in rural Kandal Province in Cambodia. Since that time, the Cambodia Club has blossomed into a district wide organization with groups at both middle schools as well as at RHS.

The Cambodia Club managed to reach its lofty goal of establishing the Ridgewood Village School in 2009, however the club did not stop there in its efforts to provide the students with a quality education as well as a suitable learning environment. With the school now firmly established, the club works tirelessly to provide the school with invaluable assets such as an English and Computers teacher, internet connection, a vegetable kitchen and outdoor kitchen, as well as a gardener and cook. However in order to meet these demands, Cambodia Club participants are under pressure to raise at least $5,000 every year to finance the school.

The RHS Latin Club generously decided to help the Cambodia Club, donating $200 of hard earned fundraising money. It is the hope of Latin Club and Cambodia club officers alike that the kind hearted actions of the Latin Club will inspire other RHS clubs to do the same.

Elizabeth O’Keefe
staff writer

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